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Soundproofing by Vibration Isolation Pads

Reduce impact sound levels with vibration pads

Super Soundproofing™ offers you a complete range of anti vibration pads that are unrivalled in the market for reducing sound and vibration associated with a wide range of machines and equipment. Over the years, we have been providing efficiently designed vibration isolation pads that are superiorly made from high quality rubber polymers and cork materials. The design and fabrication of these pads are such that they are highly resistant to aging, oil, water and contaminants. With Super Soundproofing™, you will be astonished to see a rich inventory of vibration pads in various options of solid cross-ribbed design and with variety of thickness of cork centers.

Note – Large machines such as the new Fitdesk or fluid trainers like Kurt Kinetic may need a floating floor made from panels like these:

Pyramid Puck panel

Pyramid Puck panel

[BUY] . Use these small “Dimple Pads” pads under each corner for a Treadmill, etc or other exercise machine.

Dimple Vibration Pads

Super Soundproofing™ anti vibration isolation pads are extensively used in reducing vibrations and noise produced by machines and equipment and also for providing a firm floor footing. The product is massively purchased for applications in:

  • Military/Defense
  • Power Generation
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Test Equipment
  • Small Motors/Pumps/Compressors
  • Radiators
  • Off-Highway/Construction
  • Large Motors/Pumps/Compressors
  • Electronics
  • Diesel Engine Applications
  • HVAC

Noise Vibration Pads for Machines

If your HVAC equipment and several other categories of machineries are very noisy, creating airborne sound and vibration, Super Soundproofing™ anti vibration pads are the cost effective solution. They are designed exclusively to limit sound and vibration of the machines such as:

  • Washers
  • Dryers
  • Refrigerators
  • Running machines
  • Fitness equipment
  • Home appliances
  • Compressors
  • Conveyors
  • Generators
  • Tool room machineries
  • Press machineries

Applications are not limited to these aforesaid lists, but extend to several other machineries and equipment that generate loud noise and vibrations.

Super Soundproofing™ Anti Vibration Pads Advantages

By partnering with Super Soundproofing™, you will receive highly efficient acoustical vibration isolation pads at the best and unbeatable price range. The product is unrivaled in the market due to its superior fabrication and features, such as:

  • vibration isolation pads available at Super Soundproofing™ are fabricated using high quality elastomeric ribbed neoprene, specially compounded to resist aging, compression set, water and oil.
  • They are constructed with alternate rib heights, cross-ribbed, with a cork center for additional sound isolation.
  • Durometer of these pads is 60 on the “A” scale, which is the best available in the market.
  • Maximum loading capacity of each cork center pad is 50 pounds per square inch. These vibration isolation pads may be stacked for increased isolation and capacity. (A 2″ pad will support 200 lbs).

Pads in Stock at Super Soundproofing™

Choose the most appropriate size of anti vibration pads from the list follows:

  • 2″ X 3/8″ thick ribbed neoprene pads: $1.00 Ea. w/o cork center.
  • 18″ Sq. Pads $32.50 Ea. Ribbed Neoprene (W/O cork)
  • 2″ wide by 18″ long strips: $18.00 (All prices are plus shipping!)
  • 2″ Pads: $1.50 Ea. Cork center
  • 3″ Pads: $3.00 Ea. Cork center
  • 4″ Pads $6.00 Ea Cork center
  • 6″ Pads $9.00 Ea Cork center
  • 12″ Pads $18.00 Ea Cork center
  • 18″ Sq. Pads $38.50 Ea. Cork Center
  • 2″ wide by 18″ long strips: $18.00 (All prices are plus shipping!)

2″ Soft Pads: $.99 Ea. A soft pad using a combination of foam and MLV. for delicate machinery like turntables, printers, etc. Use for sewing machines, too. (Use 2 stacked for each bearing support for heavy machines).

Soft Pads

If your exercise machine is very noisy, creating airborne sound like a Fitdesk, or the floor doesn’t have much sound reduction, use a MLV sound barrier: “Floormat” (use the 4’6″ width with foam backing-long enough to go past the ends of your machine a foot or two!). This may be needed in addition to vibration pads.

Large machines such as the new Fitdesk or fluid trainers like Kurt Kinetic may need a floating floor made from panels like these:   floating floor systembuy now

anti vibration motor pump buy nowAnti-vibration motor/pump mount.

Vibration PadsUse these small “Dimple Pads” pads under each corner for a Treadmill, etc

or other exercise machine       Soundproofing anti vibration pads

Set of 4 pads……………………….$19.95

Pick the Right Size for your Applications

Pick the right pad size for the bearing weight, not the size of the footing. Pads with 3″ are best for 2X4 sills for wall studding. Put under the studs or space about 2-3 feet apart under the sill depending on wall load. Use the 2″ X 3/8″ pads neoprene without cork as support for your drywall panels edge. Cork center Pads are all approx. 7/8″ thick.

Use rubber furniture cups to keep vibrating, and active machinery (like washing machines) on to the vibration pads. Sometimes some construction adhesive, like “Liquid Nails” or “GOOP” is helpful.

Speaker Hangers.

For more anti-vibration solutions, see also the page on soundproofing appliances!   buy now

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