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Using our tape for soundproofing

A variety of tapes are available to assist in accomplishing effective sound proofing. When you need every last STC point, little things mean a lot!

Here are some of the tapes we stock and a short explanation of their uses.

How to “Stagger-Stud” and soundproof existing stud walls using Sound Isolation Padding Tape: Assuming the wallboard has been removed and the studs are exposed- Apply 2 layers of the green 1/8″X1-7/16″ tape to every other stud. This will build out the stud by about a 1/4″. The tape has a peel-off backing and may be cut with scissors. Place your wall panels over the studs and fasten them only to the studs which have the tape. If the other wall is open do this to it also, alternating the studs, that is, do not apply tape to studs which have tape on them already on the other side. This system breaks the sound path through the studding and is very effective and inexpensive for reducing sound transfer through the wall. If you don’t do anything else, do this! It can improve the sound reduction of your wall, especially at speech frequencies. Of course, for maximum sound reduction, other added techniques are to be employed!

Very effective as an isolation padding for joists and metal Resilient (RC-1 RC-2) and or Hat channel. (DWFT)

TIP: After running your drywall screws in, back them off a bit by holding connection, then rotating your screw gun counter-clockwise to release some of the pressure. This will relieve some of the the pressure of the drywall panels on the tape, allowing it to perform better.  Just make sure the head is recessed enough that filling and painting it will not show through.

Black Foam tape is used to seal doors and windows as well as to change the acoustical properties of flat sheets installed on walls and ceilings. It’s a 1/8″thick vinyl-nitrile tape with self-adhesive backing. (Different than the above). Same material as our absorbent mat. Wrap pipes, ducts or stick on metal panels (computers too!) to reduce noise transfer and vibration. Use the 4″ width cut into squares to sandwich between wall panels (Drywall and “soundboard”   Homasote) for improved sound control and frequency response. Use the 2″ width on “hat” channel or wall stud facing and the 1″ on resilient channel for additional padding of the drywall panels.

We also have a gray tape in widths of 1/4″, 3/8″ & 1/2″ for door sealing. (For those who prefer a lighter color than the black above).

Magnetic tape is also available. Used mostly for holding curtain/drapes together at the center joining, it’s also useful for many other applications where the joining needs to be redone on a regular basis. Also for Plastic window inserts!.

  • A specially formulated black tape for holding “Flooring” or “Floormat” seams (MLV) together. Apply a thin bead of caulk at the seam joint opening and cover with the tape. 2″ wide X 108′ long rolls. Lead tape is actually preferred for this and we have it in 1″, 1-1/2″ and 2″ widths.
  • Super Soundproofing™ Acoustical Sound Backer Square foam tape. Like “Baker Rod”, “Backer Square” is a 1/2″X1/2″ (or 1/2″X3/4″) square closed cell foam tape for closing off gaps at the edges of wallboard without having to use inordinate amounts of acoustical caulk. The adhesive backing makes it easy to apply to the edges of the panels before mounting to the wall or ceiling. Can also be used to seal large gaps in doors or windows.
  • Metal (lead) 5 Mil tape: probably the very best material for sound control. Typically used on seams of drywall panels and along the perimeter of the walls and ceiling where joints are difficult to seal against sound leakage. Very effective on pipes and inside wall panels. Usually very difficult to find- to our knowledge only available from us on this website. Available in 1″, 1-1/2″ with adhesive backing and in 2″ wide (1/32″) with or without adhesive backing. Push the “Buy Tape” button to see a selection.
  • Double-sided foam tape is used to attach sound control curtains and drapes to themselves and the walls to improve sound control. Our product is a sheet of 4 strips 3/4″ wide and 4.5″ long for a total of 18″ with a double peel-off backing. Use wherever the curtain needs to be brought up to the wall. Usually one sheet per side of a 8′ tall curtain will work fine. You can use your own foam tape or ours- it’s $1 per sheet, probably cheaper than you can buy it locally if you can find it. Not to be used for holding foam or MLV.

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