FireFlex Foam is an excellent noise absorber and is rated for high-temperature applications or in buildings requiring Class One rated materials. Heat resistant to 482° F and able to withstand constant temperatures up to 320° F,  FireFlex is engineered for environments where temperatures are high, sparks or other hot materials may fly, large numbers of people congregate or flammability is an issue.

FireFlex materials are constructed of lightweight, porous acoustics melamine.  The material’s internal structure is a spacious cellular complex of slim, flexible webs that are membrane-free and completely open-celled. The result is that FireFlex materials are low-density and extremely lightweight.

FireFlex is approved as a Class One building material and is resistant to many chemicals. Panels come in two different colors: White and Gray.  For an added affect, We can paint panels with three different types of paint.  Standard latex, Multi-Spec latex (great for the theatre room or for that extra splash of color).  Third, for damp areas and/or easy cleanup, chose FireFlex with a Hypalon protective skin. These Sound Blocking foams do not reflect sound.

Foam products that are constructed of gray FireFlex include:

FabTec – Made of Fireflex and fire rated fabric, with a flat surface and fabric face.

Anechoic Wedge – Contoured profile traps airborne noise and dissipates it by absorbing the kinetic energy created by sound waves.

Pyramid – Appropriate for almost any application; attractive design reduces reflected noise within a room by trapping and absorbing sound energy.

Max Wedges – Uniform wedge design helps trap airborne industrial noise. Open-cell structure dissipates noise energy to control harsh reflected noise and reverberations.

Hanging Baffles – Contoured profile Anechoic Wedge pattern absorbs airborne noise and dissipates it.

We now have flameproof MLV sheet in white color! See: https://www.soundproofing.org/infopages/flooring.htm 


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