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The skills required to install Magnetite?® windows are those used by most Do-It-Yourself homeowners. A screwdriver, a hacksaw or tinsnips, garden pruners, and a measuring tape are all the tools you will need. You can easily find a local handyman, if you feel unable to accomplish the installation by yourself. Magnetite® Windows are generally installed within the window jamb, between the window sashes and the front edge of the casing. Check carefully for anything that might conflict with the installation area. Blinds, draperies, etc. can be simply adjusted as needed. Magnetite® windows only require a space of 1″ in the jamb area for the frame and Magnetite® panel.

Selecting your Magnetite® Window Kit

After determining where your Magnetite® window will fit, measure your existing window, both width and height. Enter this information for each window in the space provided on the left column. For each window, select the kit size that is the same as or larger than the longer side of your existing window, as the example shows. You may also mix and match. For example, one 36″ kit and one 48″ kit can make two 36″ wide by 48″ tall (or smaller) windows, or visa versa. If your window is operable, and you wish to make the Magnetite®panel easily operable as well, you can purchase a Magnetite divider kit, in addition to the full size window kit.

SIZES AVAILABLE: 36″ – 48″ – 60″ – 72″ – 84″

For exact measurement of acrylic panel, subtract 1/2″ from width and 3/8″ from height.

Detailed instructions are included with each kit.


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