Two kinds of sound problems

Acoustical: where sound is reverberating in a room or is airborne noise.

Impact sound: where sound is vibratory in nature and travels though a medium like wood. (Wood floor joists, studding, etc).

When sound is traveling through the air, coming into or passing out of an area, the first rule of sound control is to place a barrier between it and the target. (You).

When sound is coming in or out of a area by way of the structure, sound control is best achieved by dealing with it as near the source as possible. Damping and isolation of the transfer medium may also be effective.

Acoustical sound can also be reflected off hard surfaces, creating the “Mess hall” effect of too much sound (people) in a closed space and where the standing waves of interference cause intelligibility problems.  The solution is adding absorbent materials to the room.

Different treatments with different materials and techniques are required for these different situations and sometimes combinations of techniques and materials to fit the situation, for instance in soundproofing parrots or generator sets!.

Soundproofing walls and ceilings using “Sound Clips”  (New Way!):  GO

Soundproofing walls and ceilings using Resilient Channel.  (Old way!):  GO

Soundproofing floors. GO

When you have Acoustical reverberation. GO

Soundproofing windows. GO

Soundproofing Doors. GO


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