We don’t believe in testimonials unless they can be verified- after seeing so many bogus ones on the web. Page after page of obviously phony – baloney high ratings.

But we have been pestered because we don’t show any. Well, we’ve decided to put up a few of ours. Compare with those of our competitors.



We’ll post more as we have time, or you can post your feelings about us on any of the business review sites like Merchant circle, etc.


A Video from our customer David:

Here’s another one from Yelp.

Here’s some reviews not made public by Yelp:

YELP: 12 Filtered Reviews for Super Soundproofing Co™

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  • 1 review
  • Robert C.

San Diego, CA


I went to the company because they had mass loaded vinyl, and I wanted it for my vehicle. On several car forums, this company (via https://soundproofing.org) is boasted as a great source of the stuff. Their prices on material are so great that people are willing to buy 115 pound rolls and have it shipped to them all across the western US. They’re fortunately local, so I was able to acquire the material at a very good price!
I went in and talked to Randy. He is a very knowledgeable man in this field and provided me with some very excellent tips to ensure I maximize the efficacy of the product I purchased from him.


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  • Sal J.

San Diego, CA


Based on the advice and materials that we got at Super Soundproofing™, we closed off our garage door for $450 in soundproofing materials and $150 in lumber and drywall.. Other than the rumbling of huge trucks outside, which is more vibration than noise, we hear nothing: no dogs, no daycare drop offs, no friendly neighbors. And they don’t hear our music. Randy explained exactly how to build the wall in technical construction terms and gave us a schematic.  We also got STC 44 window glass from Wilson Glass in Ramona. We are thrilled, and I think the neighbors are happy, too.


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  • 3 reviews
  • tristan h.

Los Angeles, CA



I sent them an email on Saturday asking a few questions about soundproofing a window and to my surprise they responded later that day and kept up correspondence with me all weekend until all my questions had been answered. Excellent customer service.


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  • 7 reviews
  • Janet S.

Fallbrook, CA


This company is Great! They are extremely professional and personable, and we are very pleased with the quality of work that was done by Super Soundproofing Co™.! It’s so wonderful to find a company that is structured by their quality and genuine interest in the work that they do. Reliability and honesty are other assests that cannot be overlooked by the employees of Super Soundproofing Co™.. They’re Awesome!


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  • Doug A.

Tucson, AZ


Had a very positive experience with Super Soundproofing™.  While dealing with an annoying, droning fountain pump, I found them on the web as I was late night surfing for a solution.  I found a reply to my inquiry waiting for me the next morning.  After exchanging a few e-mails and pictures with Robby, he made several helpful recommendations and never tried to sell me something I don’t need.


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  • 2 reviews
  • Naomi S.

Seattle, WA


They were very helpful.  Looking forward to installing the soundproofing materials they recommended and sold to me.


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  • 1 review
  • Jordan G.

Huntington, IN



I needed to soundproof an air compressor so I e-mailed them for some help and within 2 hours they had e-mailed me back with a rough sketch and a basic idea to get started off on my project…. All for free! What a business.


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  • 1 review
  • Josh P.

San Diego, CA


I just recently built a free-standing drum room / music studio in my garage with the experts at Super Soundproofing™ with great success. These guys are real pro’s: They really know their craft, as experts do, but also have a passion and excitement about solving your soundproofing problem. Their advice and materials got the job done in my rather constrained budget. I really appreciated their professional soundproofing advice and reception to all of my [naive] questions. In fact, I think I’m a better musician just from all of the insight I’ve gained. I definitely gotta thank Randy, Joel, and the whole professional team at Super Soundproofing™. I’d recommend them for any soundproofing problem.


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  • Michael A.

Manhattan, NY


Super Soundproofing™ lived up to it’s name.  I dealt with Randy both on the phone and in person, and he was great.  When it wasn’t clear on the phone whether they’d have a good solution for me, he offered for me to come in and to check out my problem (sound from a medical pump).  When I came in, Randy walked me through every step of creating the perfect solution, from material selection to designing and fabricating–and at an outstanding price.  I’m convinced that I received a better product and service than I would have gotten from any other online or brick-and-mortar store.  Thanks again, Randy!  Michael


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  • Bill S.

Carlsbad, CA


This company rocks. This technician there named Randy knows a LOT, and he is very helpful. He really seems to enjoy the science of soundproofing and is very forthcoming with information and help. He recommended a contractor to me that fit my budget and then helped him design it, and then when I needed follow up work done he was there to help no strings attached.

More Filtered Reviews for Super Soundproofing Co™

Note: The reviews below are not factored into the business’s overall star rating.


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  • 1 review
  • Debbie H.

Twentynine Palms, CA


Really love my soundproof curtains and the help I  received with my doors.


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  • 1 review
  • Joseph S.

Vancleave, MS


Bill Nash, owner of Super Soundproofing™,  has never been less than stellar in any endeavor I have known him to undertake in life. My dealings with him go back as far as 1975 and I have found him always to be honest, fair and extremely competent.

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