An Open Letter to Home Owners/ Builders and Architects

February 5, 2007
An Open Letter

Are you building a new home? Or remodeling, etc.

Have you thought about soundproofing in your project? Are you building the baby€™s room next to the home theatre? Is there a bedroom over the kitchen? Garage? Are the hallway doors aligned with each other? Many sound control issues are not discovered until after move-in!

Customers come to us with sound control problems that could have been solved before the construction job was finished. Costs to remedy sound control issues after construction are always much higher than before the construction job is done.

People building high end residences find that users will expect high levels of quieting not normally found in lower cost homes built with common building construction methods and materials. Costly retrofitting may then be needed to satisfy them.

Usually special soundproofing products are needed to add sound blocking to walls, floors and ceilings whereas if it was done during the construction phase, it would be much cheaper and some special construction techniques would keep the cost down. Some sound control insulation can do double duty as thermal insulation, too. The nice thing is that it keeps on working and adds more real value to the home.

We offer a variety of specialty soundproofing products to fit a wide range of needs. Whether you are an Architect, an Owner/Builder or a Construction Company, we can help you choose the right product and technique for the job. We are not a construction company. We provide clear, expert advice to make sure the proper products and techniques are used to achieve the level of sound control desired.

Sound control measurements can be made before and after to verify performance of the installation or to show compliance with local codes. We can evaluate your needs by phone discussion, on-site inspection and/or reviewing your plans. We can report our findings to you verbally or by written report.

Call us now to find out more about how we can help!


William Nash

President and CEO

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