Measure the gap at the bottom of the door to the floor. Remove your door from it’s frame and placing the push side up, (the side it opens toward), lay on a work table or saw horses. Most doors have door pins in the hinges that are easily removed, but sometimes need some encouragement with a hammer and a pin pusher like a large nail. Remove the doorknob and it’s cover plate, it’s simple to do.

Level one sound control.

If you have a large gap at the bottom, (over 1/4″) now would be the time to install a door sweep to the door bottom. Caulk the side of the doorsweep and the along the bottom of the door door joint with a goodly seam non-hardening caulk.

Lay  MLV material on top of the doors up side and cut out the opening for the doorknob shaft. Fit the cutout to the doorknob shaft as closely as you can.

Trim the MLV away around the perimeter of the door with heavy shears or a box cutter knife- Cut it about 1/2″ oversize so the seam of the door and the frame will be covered.

Fold the MLV back over the top half  with the bottom side of the door, (the part with the hole for the doorknob  shaft) and if using adhesive, (you may staple or use brads but the effect is not quite as good as cementing)  coat both the door and the MLV with adhesive and let it become tacky. Fold the material back down to cover the lower half of the door and make sure everything fits as trimmed, press down to bond the cement.  Use the roller we have on the shopping cart.  Now fold the top half of the MLV down and repeat the cementing process for the top half of the door.

Level Two Sound Control.

Repeat the process over the MLV by adding  1″ or 2″  SSP Closed Cell Foam. It is available with or without PSA  (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) to simplify the attaching process.

Rehang the door.

The MLV may be painted with Latex wall paint if it is cleaned well with alcohol.  The foam may be painted without preparation.

Remember, if your door has very little sound blocking to begin with, it will not pay to try to increase it.  Replace the door before you start.

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