Use for Sound Recording (Voice Over Booths, Vocal Booths, Drum Rooms, etc…), Broadcasting (Radio, TV, Commercials), Practicing musical instruments,  Simultaneous Interpretation,  Audiology, Instruction, Equipment Testing, Karaoke, Machine Noise Containment, Closed Captioning, Etc…

Easily assembled/disassembled.

This sound control Iso Booth has a transmissibility class of 29, far better than sheetrock walls! (Can hear conversation). When installed within another enclosure with good sound blocking such as a room or garage, STC can be over 50! (Can’t hear loud shouting!) Sound isolation booth is one of the best ways to block unwanted sounds easily.

Blocks sound in/out.

The standard Iso Booth inside size: 3’6″‘X4’X6’ high.

Use as a music instrument practice room or a quicky recording studio.

Folds up. Quickly portable. Assemble one, rent to your friends! 

Good place to keep that noisy bird!

Sound Control Iso Booth Assembly Drawing

Materials That Are Customer Supplied For the Home Built Iso Booth: Unit is assembled from 4′ X 8′ panels of “Sound Deadening Board” or plywood from your local builders supply and with our 2″ thick sound absorbing/blocking closed cell foam (Purchased from us) installed inside. (Adding MLV to the outside of your Iso Booth will increase the sound blocking if the edges are carefully fitted and sealed with acoustical caulk).

Assembly: Customer supplied. Hardware store hinges facilitate breakdown and re-assembly.

Electrical/Lighting Supply: Customer Supplied (An extension cord will do).

Ventilation: Customer Supplied. (A fan, if needed).

This soundproof room Iso Booth or sound isolation booth can make voice-overs or instrument practice practical if enclosed within another room with good soundproofing qualities!

Need to block sound down through the floor? Use several layers of MLV under your booth.

This version of the Do-It-Yourself Iso Booth was developed from a smaller version used to quiet pumps, motors and small generators as shown here.

We also supply professional commercial ISO sound isolation booth.  CAll!

If you need a small voice over booth, try here. Also see Tips for Musicians. A mobile sound Studio!

[Buy]  Foam Mat and MLV (Mass Loaded Vinyl).

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