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Super Soundproofing™ Sound Control Window Solutions

Commercial and industrial dwellings need appropriate acoustic solutions in order to maintain a peaceful internal environment. Windows are considered as one of the greatest conductors of low to high intensity noises in commercial, industrial and domestic buildings. Through windows, sound passes readily in and out, creating problems for those who are staying inside a room as well as outside. Hence, you must use suitable acoustic solutions to soundproof windows to stop the annoying noise entering into your room along with transferring outside. We, Super Soundproofing™ help you in this regard by providing intelligently made products and solutions specifically for soundproofing windows.

Advantages of our acoustic solutions for soundproofing windows include:

  • Low Cost
  • High STC Range
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Delivery Upon Order
  • Performance Tested and Certified
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • High Performance
  • Custom Manufactured

Solutions Suit to Your Windows

We provide you solutions for dampening sound coming from cars, trucks and heavy traffic as well as other sources through your windows. Our MagnaSeal Window System is the best in the market that brings you substantial cost-effectiveness and high performance. You’ll get the Magnetic Tape and Steel mounting from us to complete the installation.

It can be used for achieving maximum soundproofing for windows of:

  • Condos
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Band/Choral Rooms
  • College Dorms
  • Houses of Worship
  • Government Security
  • Control Rooms
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Hotels
  • Interrogation Rooms
  • Factories
  • Recording Studios
  • Home Theaters
  • Office Privacy
  • Conference Rooms
  • Clinics/Hospitals
  • Police Stations

You can also go for the below mentioned options for making a sound control window for your facility. (In descending order of effectiveness).

1. One of the best and most effective methods available to for soundproofing window is replacing the window with a real sound control window with an acoustical rating. These noise reducing windows are available in a wide range of sizes and specifications. However, they are very costly to buy and install. (We don’t sell this).

2. You can opt for installing sound rated Interior Window on the inside frame of your existing window. These costly soundproofing window types are usually made by noise control experts and are installed under their guidance. (We don’t sell this).

3. You can go for installing non-rated hardware store window on the interior frame of your existing window. Although originally developed for thermal conservation, these windows trap dead air in the window assembly and exhibit good sound blocking qualities. The window can be installed easily by a non-professional help. (We don’t sell this).

4. You can install a sound and light blocking foam window known as window Plug to achieve effective window soundproofing. Even though the product will not pass any light, it will effectively block the sound and annoying noise to the optimum level. It can be easily removed and installed as per the needs and requirements of customers. (We do sell this).

5. You can install “Home Depot” thermal window with double or triple panes to make a sound control window.
The product is not so effective in providing you absolute soundproofing as it may pass certain single sound frequencies quite readily. (We don’t sell this).

6. You can choose to install “Lowes” kind of Storm Window over the outside of the frame. Effectiveness of the sound reduction is dependent on several criteria like the thickness and seal of the frame and the amount of dead air that is trapped inside the window frame etc. (We don’t sell this).

7. You can add clear acoustical sound dampening plastic film to the window panes to achieve adequate soundproofing. This can improve the windows sound blocking capability by reducing the ability of the glass to respond to sound vibrations. See-Thru Vinyl Curtain Material (Clear) 4′ wide sheet.

8. You can cover the window with sound (and light) blocking noise reduction curtains. Easy-to-install curtains provide you effective soundproofing in areas exposed to traffic noise and other moderate sound sources.

We have solutions to cut down and dampen the noise coming through your window. Whenever you approach us, we will spend some time to talk with you to understand your application requirements. We suggest you appropriate solutions for soundproofing windows after carefully studying your specific requirements.

We welcome you to call us anytime with queries regarding the products designed for soundproofing windows. Super Soundproofing™ supports you comprehensively right from the selection till the order delivery.

Usually the effectiveness of the noise reduction assembly, whatever it is, can be increased by a combination of several of the above methods. Here’s a far better solution:


sound control window

MagnaSeal Window System

You’ll get the Magnetic Tape and Steel mounting from us. Keep cost low by buying the plastic sheet from your local plastics supplier.

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