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How it works


Magnetite® windows convert your existing windows into energy efficient, dollar saving double or triple panes in a matter of minutes!

The 100% Acrylic Panel is bordered with magnetic edging. The panel then is connected magnetically to the steel framing placed on the Inside border of your existing window frame to give you an airtight insulating window.

It does not disrupt the look or operation of your existing window. In fact, it is almost invisible to the eye!

There is not a window out there that can’t be improved with Magnetite®!


Do it yourselfThe skills required to install Magnetite® windows are those used by most Do-It-Yourself homeowners.

The following diagram provides a quick summary of the simple installation process. More detailed instructions are included with each kit. 

Step 1

Measure existing window jamb for steel framing. Cut steel frames to size. Use tin snips or hacksaw.

Step 2

Attach steel framing to the inside of existing window jamb with screws (included in kit).

Step 3

Measure both height and width of window for acrylic panel. Acrylic can be purchased cut to exact size at most hardware stores or lumber yards.

Step 4

Attach Magnetite® edging to acrylic panel. Trim to fit with garden pruners.

Step 5

Easily Pop the Magnetite® window in place and enjoy the comfort & savings right away!


We have advanced to the new MagnaSeal version.

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