How to select soundproofing suppliers!

When we put up this website in 1998, we were the only company specializing in sound control materials, even though there were several companies selling professional sound studio acoustical materials.

These established companies, observing our success over the years, began adding sound control sections to their websites to take advantage of the growing awareness of noise pollution by homeowners and the general public.  They began to actually talk sound control with customers, breaking their long standing rules of only dealing with noise control professionals.  Unfortunately, much of the info they give is couched in specialized, engineering terms and may not be very practical in the field. Do you really care about “Sabins”, “NRC” and “IIC” terms?

Recently, there has been a explosion of companies wishing to “cash in” on the soundproofing phenomenon and have studied ours and other websites and now try to “talk the talk” by selling the same or similar materials.  Some have even copied the information from our website virtually word-for-word!  (Even with our spelling errors!).

Because they have very little in the way of costly overhead, (working from apartments, garages or cheap offices), they try to sell product for a few pennies cheaper than established reliable companies.  This article is to help the user try to differentiate between their hype and the real tested resources of practical sound control advisors and reliable suppliers.

Points to consider before buying sound control materials from ANYONE! (This applies to dealing with contractors, too!)

  • Are they established and reliable?  (Or just out for a quick profit?) You can tell if they don’t answer their “Office”  phone and ask you to leave a call-back number.
  • Do they just simply agree with your plan or idea and not offer constructive alternatives or criticism to make sure you get the proper materials and install it correctly?
  • Will they just sell you whatever kind of material you want without any kind of comment as to whether it will do the job?
  • Are their “Technical Experts” commission salesmen?
  • Do they hype their material, offering glowing testimonials?
  • Do they offer to guarantee results, but have onerous return policies? (Tell you anything to make the sale).
  • Do they actually STOCK material or are they just “Drop Shippers”?
  • Are they a VERIFIED member of the Better Business Bureau?  (BBS symbols must be clickable).
  • Do they have a outstanding privacy policy?  (Some don’t even have one or a “canned” one forced on them by a web hosting service! Or don’t even know what it means!) Is it hidden? Is the type big enough to read?  Does it actually offer privacy?
  • Do they have phony “Trust” and “Award” emblems on their site that do not work for verification?  (Not clickable, or send you around their own site).
  • Do they wildly extol their own wonderful virtues of integrity and conscientiousness to allay your fears? (To make a sale, they’ll even tell you they are devout Christians and call you “Brother”!)
  • Do they give themselves impressive meaningless titles, such as “Soundproofing Director” or “Sound Conditioning Expert”?
  • Do they make ridiculous claims as to their qualifications?  (One of our former employees was asked some questions about sound control by a newspaper, who then mentioned our company and his name in a general article.  He quit and started his own business around the corner from us in competition with us, calling himself the “Doctor of Soundproofing, ADVISOR to the New York Times”! (And several other newspapers who carried the article about us).
  • Do they knock their competitors with sincere sounding criticism of them or their products “for the protection of the public”?
  • Do they offer products with characteristics that cannot meet specifications?  (For instance: “Rubber Expanded Foam”- FAA Approved for Aircraft). Or “Closed Cell Foam” (Just cheap ineffective neoprene).
  • Do they offer cheap products that sound and seem the same as other sound control products but are not?  (Neoprene: “Same as mass loaded vinyl”).
  • Do they offer products with low quoted prices on the site, but wildly differ when the order  is placed?
  • Do they hit you with exorbitant shipping and handling charges?
  • Do they offer low prices and then hit you with a “Order Processing Fee”?  (This fee is proportional to how bad you want it!).
  • Do they try to add a charge for using a credit card instead of a money order?  Or give you a discount for cash. because they can’t qualify for a credit card merchant account and thusly a shopping cart?  (Or use some other persons merchants account).
  • Will they  give you specifications of  their products and the Materials Safety Data sheets (MSDS)?
  • Will they sell you flammable packing material or mattress foam as acoustic products?
  • Do they give you copies of their own approvals and lab burn tests? Or “Computer Generated”?  (Or fake copies of ours?)
  • Do they meet shipping deadlines or do you have to keep calling?
  • Will they cheerfully accept back your unused product for credit?
  • Will you have to worry that you’ll not even receive your order, nor your money back?  (Or the correct materials for the job).
  • If you have problems will they help you or your installer or just blow you off?
  • Will you have to contact us after buying from them to find out where you went wrong?

We offer free, informed, practical and impartial advice.  While some people have taken our time, information and detailed instructions and shopped elsewhere for materials, they are in the minority.  (Probably it was these competitors calling us for help!  We are the ones they turn to!)

If you like what we do and the way we do it, please patronize us and become one of our many loyal customers!  (You won’t be sorry!)

Some would say you’d have to be nuts to deal with anyone but us!

Dealing with someone else?  Make sure you haven’t been “Doctored”!  Call us for a second opinion!

Careful attention to certain details (not mentioned on the site), could mean the difference between success and failure of your sound reduction project!  (You’ll get these vital details when you become our customer!)

If you find a lower price somewhere else- Beware! There’s a reason!

Tip! Check their Delivered Price!

Since we ship in large volume, we get a far better shipping rate from our freight companies than others and pass that along to you!

We can ship from our bonded warehouses near you, saving you big money!

Beware of this offer: “XXXX stocks the largest selection of products in strategic locations across the country. You benefit from lower shipping costs knowing we will source your order from the best location possible”.

(Means they drop ship, pay with a credit card to the supplier and stock nothing).


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