Soundproofing a house, different areas of your home require different treatments to attenuate noise. Some noise is annoying when it comes in, such as through the windows or attic.  Other noise may be annoying to others both inside and out of the home. (Playing musical instruments, neighbors, street noise, etc).  For these   reasons, differing noise control treatments of the house are needed, using a variety of sound control materials and special acoustical construction techniques.  While it is far better to make the investment in soundproofing (architectural acoustical noise control), when the home is being built, rather than doing a soundproofing retrofit, it’s not impossible, just a bit more difficult.

  • Noise control through Doors

The investment in soundproofing should be considered in the long term, over the period of years where continuous relief from noise will pay off in less stress and in getting a good nights sleep.  The costs of acoustical investment and upgrade made in this situation can be fully amortized and  thus means only  a few dollars a year. These initial costs can usually be fully recouped when the house is eventually sold and will make it much easier to sell!

The long term enjoyment of quiet may be more difficult to measure.

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