How It Works Frequently asked questions
1. Say, What are Magnetite® Windows?
Magnetite® windows are magnetically mounted and sealed windows that are the only alternative to replacing windows to make them more thermally efficient. Magnetite® adds an extra layer of insulation to your windows, by using an air-tight magnetic seal which attaches an acrylic panel to the inside of your existing windows. The installed magnetic window will OUT-PERFORM every replacement window available in the United States. Magnetite® Corporation is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

2. Who developed Magnetite®?

Magnetite® was developed by Kenneth J. Foster, an energy physicist, in conjunction with the M.I.T. Innovation Center in 1978. He was eventually granted U.S. Patent No. 4473980. Mr. Foster combined the concepts of using an acrylic window, like they use on jet airplanes, and a magnetic seal, which is how your refrigerator door stays both closed and air-tight, to create the most energy-efficient window on the market. More than 20 years later, Magnetite® is still the best alternative!

3. How do magnetic windows work?

Magnetite® windows mount just to the inside of the customer’s existing windows and are sealed in place by using a flexible permanent bar magnet, just like a refrigerator door. Conditioned air cannot leak out from the inside and unwanted hot or cold air cannot seep in from the outside. The acrylic, a dead air space and original windows combine to insulate better than any other window.

4. What about appearance?

Magnetite® windows can be fitted to almost any type of window, blend well with any decor and make relatively little change in the appearance of your windows from the inside of the room. Magnetite® windows are invisible from the outside of the home.

5. What materials are used to manufacture our Magnetite® windows?

We use only the finest available materials to make Magnetite® Windows. This allows us to offer our 5-Year Warranty with confidence.

The magnetic channel which holds the window in place is constructed of a special ABS/PVC alloy. This ABS polymer has several qualities which make it superior to rigid PVC and other materials.

Higher gloss – producing a permanent satin finish, instead of the dull appearance of PVC
Higher thermal deformation temperature – with a service temperature range of -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 160 degree Fahrenheit (-40C to 70C)
Much greater strength and durability – this is the same material as used in football helmets and boat hulls.

A continuous strip of flexible permanent bar magnet is attached to the side of the framing which faces the prime window. It is assembled using a patented channel, rather than glues or adhesives, which could fail. This ensures a lifetime of trouble-free operation.

The Magnetic framing securely holds a crystal-clear sheet of optical-grade acrylic in place to complete the insulation process, creating the most efficient system available anywhere.

6. Will acrylic yellow or crack?

Window grade acrylic, which is available at most hardware stores and home centers contains no styrene or other monomers that will deteriorate, causing yellowing, cracking and checking. Through both laboratory and actual outdoor testing, over the last 20 years, 100% Window-Grade acrylic has been proven again and again not to yellow, crack or check.

7. How are Magnetite® Windows cleaned?

The acrylic glazing and frames may be cleaned with Magnetite® acrylic cleaner or a mild detergent (3% in lukewarm water). Dry with a clean, damp cloth or chamois. We provide a complimentary bottle of acrylic cleaner at the time of installation. Additional Magnetite® brand cleaner may be ordered through our sales department, or the customer may purchase other brands of acrylic cleaner at most grocery stores.
IMPORTANT: Do not use Windex or other brands of glass cleaner which contain ammonia to clean Magnetite® Windows, as the ammonia may damage the acrylic panels.

8. Why is acrylic used in place of glass?

Although Window-Grade acrylic costs considerably more than glass, our acrylic provides many benefits:

Four times more energy-efficient than glass: Acrylic has four times the thermal resistance as the same thickness of glass.
Lightweight: acrylic is less than half the weight of glass.
Stronger than glass: acrylic has up to 18 time greater impact resistance than ordinary glass in the same thickness.
Safer than glass: when subjected to a blow beyond its resistance, the hazard of injury is greatly reduced because acrylic breaks into large, relatively dull-edged pieces which scatter at a low speed.

9. What about maintenance?

Our windows provide a Maintenance-free, air-tight seal, year after year. You can count on a lifetime of dependable service from the high quality components used in manufacturing our windows. Cleaning is the only care that is required.

10. Why are Magnetite® Windows a better investment than replacement windows or storm windows?

Our patented window system will out-perform every replacement window or storm window system on the market today. There is no system available that is more thermally efficient, which means the energy cost savings with our system will be greater than any other.

Magnetite® Windows eliminate both hot and cold air leakage. Our system, tested without a prime window, in a simulated 25mph wind, exceeded the U.S. Department of Energy standards for storm windows by 200 times!
Since acrylic has four times the thermal resistance of glass, our windows alone already insulate better than all other systems available. When you combine our air-tight magnetic seal, acrylic that insulates four times as well as glass, the dead air space between your current windows and then consider that all of this is added to the insulating value of your current prime windows, no other window system even comes close!
Magnetite® Windows eliminate all of the common problems which other systems will suffer over the years, resulting in substantial air leakage and lowered efficiency.

Our windows will never suffer from other window problems:

We have no frame and sash to shrink or warp.
We have no side tracks to loosen with repeated use.
We have no weather stripping to deteriorate, requiring periodic replacement.
We have no caulking to deteriorate, requiring periodic repair.
Our windows are much more efficient, resulting in lower heating and cooling cost, than any other system.

11. Will Magnetite® Windows make our home quieter?

YES! Another advantage of acrylic is its sound deadening properties which allow this window system to reduce outside noise by as much as 90%. Now, you will not have to be disturbed by loud music in the cars that drive by, the neighbor’s dog barking, or by someone else’s lawnmower early in the morning.

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