Fabric has long been known for it’s sound absorption qualities. Options include curtains/drapes, fixed fiberglass panels or framing to hold cloth fabric panels.


Advantage: Quick and easy installation

Disadvantage: Can be costly for custom installations

Fixed Panels

Advantage: Readily available

Disadvantage:Fabric wrapped panels are costly to make, ship and install


Advantage: No limit to size or design of fabric framed wall (or ceiling) coverings. No more painting of walls- change the fabric for a new design!

Disadvantage: Usually requires contractors with skilled installers.

Clearly superior, the framed wall covering system uses a frame of PVC or metal track for which to stretch over a fabric covering . This frame is fitted to the wall using mitered corner joints (supplied) to make a pleasing finished installation assembly for the fabric, which is stretched over the frame. An absorbent material is usually placed on the wall under the fabric covering for added sound control. (You’ve probably seen such installations in theatres and music halls).

Sound barrier (MLV) may be added to the wall before framing is added to add sound blocking qualities to the wall as well.

Your choice of fabrics allow an unlimited variety of materials and design only limited by your imagination. Most fabrics come in rolls 60″ wide and unlimited lengths. The fabric can easily be changed due to the unique tuckable edge design and you can use any supplier of fabric (buy fire-retardant) to keep costs low. The fabric can even have a design or office logo limited only by your imagination.

No adhesives, magnetics or exotic fasteners are used to attach the track to your room walls.

Our system uses simplified methods of installation suitable for the DYI’er or Handyman to obtain professional results at far less cost than other frame-able wall covering systems. Such a system is even removable with a minimum of wall patching and touch-up painting.

Snap-together track and base make installation a real snap! Do a simple wall:

or walls!

Easily add absorbency and block sound in/out of a room and add pleasant esthetics too! Reception areas become quieter and more pleasant.

Profiles of track available

Materials/tools list:

Dimensions of the wall(s) to be covered.

Enough track for the perimeter

Drill and fasteners Square (best for joining panels).


Tape measure Round

Putty knife

Right angle awl

Fabric with desired pattern or custom design

You may want to enhance your wall installation with absorbency material like foam and/or sound barrier material such as Mass Loaded Vinyl. (MLV).

You will receive a illustrated detailed instruction manual with each purchase of the framing system.

Don’t want to do-it-yourself? Call, we’ll be happy to put you with an installer in your area. Email

Call for more info! 760 752 3030 PDT 5 days

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