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(Make money by doing it for others!).

On this site you find concise methods and procedures to accomplish just about any DIY sound proofing project conceivable.

You can SEARCH using the Search Tab on the upper right hand top navigation bar. The Search Solutions presents information on different subjects.   Use the Q & A Forum to check for other solutions.  Important Info Here!

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Band Practice Basements Churches



Curtains/Drapes Floors Game rooms Gyms


Homes Home Theatres Music rooms Offices Machines

“Party” Walls





“SAFE” Rooms Trucks TV-Noise Vehicles WindowsX-ray

The Super Soundproofing Company™

The info provided on this site has been accumulated over the last 16 years and is geared to the practical. At any time you may contact us for exact answers to your questions.

You may order any of the products listed on the prices page by using our shopping cart or by calling us for an exact quote. We have a wide variety of products, some which are very specialized.  Please call to make sure you are getting the right thing!

We have several warehouses across the US where you may pick up certain products and not have to pay shipping. And yes, we do ship to Canada and other select countries.  We ship very promptly and using UPS, the delivery time is usually less than a week.  We have special rates for heavy loads by truck.

We are the first on the Internet with these products and this business format- others are imitators! We won’t be undersold! Unlike others, we will take back excess, left over materials. Find out how to select a materials supplier! HERE.

We’d like to help you with your soundproofing problems. Sometimes, no purchase of soundproofing products is necessary to accomplish the goal. Let us know about your sound control situation, we can help!


See a list if products and prices HERE.

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