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Super Soundproofing™ Acoustical Foam Panels and Hanging Baffles for Reflective Sound Control

Super Soundproofing™ possesses immense expertise and competence to provide a wide range of innovative products and solutions for acoustically treating areas that are prone to high intensity and disturbing noise. Amongst our rich portfolio of reliable soundproofing products, our acoustical foam panels and hanging baffles are largely purchased as they are intelligently designed to offer effective sound absorption with a minimum thickness.

Our Polyurethane acoustic foam panels are used to absorb noise in nearly every setting, from compressor rooms and recording studios, to computer rooms, punch presses, churches and gymnasiums. The acoustical panels can be installed easily on walls to handle the toughest and most unsettling noise problems. Baffles can be hung to interrupt and absorb free-floating noise. Sound blocking hanging baffles is especially ideal for big indoor areas with hard surfaces, such as gyms, manufacturing areas, auditoriums and indoor swimming pools to increase NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient).

Note: Polyurethane Acoustic Foam Panels and Baffles are also available in Class One Flammability Factor. GO

Noteworthy Features and Benefits

Super Soundproofing™ acoustical foam panels are available in Anechoic Wedge, Pyramid, and Max Wedge designs. Also, our range of hanging baffles are available in Anechoic Wedge Design and Cornertec design.

Our products exhibit the following features and benefits.

Note: Not all sizes and thicknesses are available in every design. Please see the specifications for details. Custom orders are OK.

  • They are designed and engineered for effective absorption of sound generated at low, mid and high intensities/frequencies.
  • They are the most cost-effective acoustic solution available in the market for maximum noise control.
  • They have flammability rating of UL94HF-1.
  • They are available in the aforementioned three designs; customization is possible in these designs.
  • They are available in a variety of dimensions and protective facings, sizes, and thicknesses from 1″ to 8″ to achieve the precise level of sound control that you need.
  • They are fabricated using superior grade acoustic polyurethane foam; this supreme construction allows the foam to deliver consistent acoustic performance.
  • They are readily available in a wide range of color options and in an assortment of film facings.


Super Soundproofing™ acoustical foam panels and hanging baffles are extremely popular among customers from various industrial, commercial and domestic sectors for achieving effective soundproofing in:

  • Machine, equipment and compressor enclosures
  • Machine, equipment and compressor enclosures
  • Engine compartments
  • Automotive cabs
  • Computer and server rooms
  • Clean rooms and medical facilities
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Utility rooms

Besides these common application areas, each design of Super Soundproofing™ acoustical foam and hanging baffles has been designed exclusively for use in specific areas:

Acoustic Foam

Acoustic Foam

Anechoic Wedge Design

Some of the application areas of Super Soundproofing™ Anechoic Wedge Design are:

  • Industrial noise control
  • Firing ranges
  • In-plant noise
  • Metalworking operations
  • Commercial, home and audio market

Anechoic Wedge Design

Pyramid Design

You can select Pyramid design from Super Soundproofing™ for soundproofing in:

  • Office & telemarketing areas
  • Broadcast/recording studios
  • Distance learning facilities
  • Churches, homes, and more

Pyramid Design

Max Wedges Applications

You will find Super Soundproofing™ Max Wedges Design extremely useful in:

  • Anechoic chamber environments
  • Test chambers
  • Low frequency applications

Max Wedges Applications

Hanging Baffles

Anechoic Wedge Design

Applications include

  • Gymnasiums
  • Pools
  • Industrial facilities
  • Fellowship halls
  • Churches
  • Entertainment facilities.

Hanging Baffles

Cornertec Design – Widely used in:

  • Room Corners
  • Home, office and audio.


Acoustical Foam Panels: An Easy-to-Install Noise Control Solution

Hitherto, Super Soundproofing™ has been focused on providing customers with cost-effective yet high performing acoustic solutions that ensure peaceful, calm and quiet environments.  Our foam panels are not an exception to this.  By offering a complete range of acoustical soundproofing materials and solutions, we have created our niche in the market.  Contact us to learn more.

Note – We have even cheaper solutions using cotton batting.  Call!(760) 752-3030 8-5 Pacific or use the box below.
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