HOME-OWNERS: Professional On-Site Noise Control Evaluations AND CONSTRUCTION SERVICES!

Residential Noise Control Specialists

  • Office/Commercial Improvements

Evaluation of noise problems:

  • Airborne (Traffic, stereo, voices, music)
  • Impact (foot-falls, machinery vibration)
  • Reflective (reverberation in offices, gyms, sound studios)


  • Cavity Space
  • Mass
  • De-coupling
  • Different Densities
  • Tightness of Fit

Typical Remedial Situations:

  • Traffic Noise – windows
  • Condo neighbors – Walls/Ceilings
  • Between separate offices
  • Isolation from machinery
  • Bars/Restaurants isolation from mixed usebuildings

Construction Services: A Super Soundclip authorized installer!

  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Ceilings
  • Windows
  • Doors

We’ll drive or fly to you to help you solve problems! Inquire!

Information about  BAY AREA NOISE CONTROL: We are a independent consulting firm, (and a licensed acoustical contractor)   located in the San Francisco, California Bay Area and  are offering a full range of services for large and small projects.

More Details:

Established in 1983, our staff’s experience in consulting dates back many years.  From a practical basis, we have provided consulting services, (products and constructions), in acoustics and systems design to architects, (homeowners, engineers, (property) managers and building owners, (condo and TIC associations) for a range of architectural, environmental, and industrial projects.  Some of our past architectural projects include homes, office buildings, schools, hotels, recording studios, performing arts facilities, theatres, churches, laboratory, industrial and medical facilities.

Our Services:

We provide consulting services suited to the particular needs of the client.  Our consultants assist the architect or (direct) other clients in developing a total solution (if desired) that integrates acoustics, sound system, with other architectural and engineering considerations.  Our projects have included work on the initial design of facilities as well as noise control modifications. We’re remodeling and retro fit specialists.  Services include establishment of appropriate sound and vibration criteria, analysis of system needs, preparation of initial recommendations, detailed system design documentation (plans and specifications), on-site acoustical measurement and analysis, bid review, construction observation and reporting, and final system testing and adjustment.  Because we maintain a comprehensive range of precision test equipment, sound and vibration measurements may also be conducted when appropriate.

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