“Quieting in the Home”  Reprinted by  SSPCO

Previously reprinted by the EPA as “Quieting: A Practical Guide to Noise Control”.  120 Pages, 8.5″ X 11″  Profusely illustrated.  Technically accurate, yet simple and non-technical. A Super Soundproofing manual, Now Available, A re-reprint of the popular soundproofing manual that was excerpted by the EPA from their National Bureau of Standards Handbook.   Out of print when their budget was cancelled, we’ve created a E-book and are making it available just for the cost of printing and postage!

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Table of Contents:  “Basic Principals of Noise Reduction.”

Chapter 1

  • Noise Control at the Source
  • Source-Path-Receiver Concept
  • Requirements for Quiet Operation
  • Noise Control in the Transmission Path
  • Factors Affecting Travel of Sound
  • “Quieting” in the Path
  • Protecting the Receiver

Chapter 2

  • Noise Control at Home
  • Transmission of Airborne and Structural Noise
  • The “Sounding Board” effect
  • Flanking Noise Transmission
  • General Solutions for Noise Control in the Home
  • Sound Absorption VS Sound Insulation
  • Kitchen Noise
  • Recreation or Playrooms
  • Corridors, Halls Staircases
  • Improving the Privacy of your bedroom, Story and Bath Area
  • Improving the Sound insulation of Walls
  • Improving the Sound insulation of Floor-Ceiling Construction
  • Control of Floor Squeaking
  • Control of Stair Squeaking
  • Control of Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning System Noise
  • Control of Duct Noise
  • Steam Heat Noise
  • Noise from Baseboard Heating Systems
  • Control of Plumbing Noise
  • Control of Noise from Rain Gutters and Drain spouts

Chapter 3

  • How to Insulate Your Home Against Outdoor Noise

Chapter 4

  • Selecting A Quiet Home or Apartment

Chapter 5

  • A Trouble-Shooting Guide
  • Analyzing the Problem
  • How to Look for Noise Leaks
  • Using your Ears – A Cheap Noise Meter
  • Use Home Appliances as Diagnostic Tools
  • Common Noise Complaints, Likely Causes and Solutions
  • General Noise Abatement Techniques
  • Indexed catalog of Specific Noise Problems and Remedies
  1. This out-of-print manual has long been the practical handbook for many involved in sound/noise control.  Specifics include Using sound absorbing materials and their STC ratings.  Reflection, reverberation and diffraction. Appliances, motors, generators.   Construction, home office and industry.  Aircraft noise, birds, dogs barking and much more with illustrations!
  2. We enclose some small acoustical materials samples and our own addendum about using resilient channels for maximum sound reduction and minimum costs!
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