Resilient Channels – An Effective Soundproofing Method

In today’s real estate construction industry, homes are constructed using a variety of materials. When it comes to walls and floor-ceilings the material includes sheetrock, drywall and plasterboard. Generally these materials are installed to both sides of a metal or wooden frame. While these may be standard materials and components, they are one of the primary reasons behind noise pollution within homes.

Resilient Channels

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Soundproofing Rooms – Methods Delineated

Are you disturbed with the annoying noise that penetrates to your room from the street nearby? Irritated with the loud noise coming out of your kid’s room when you are involved with some important office work? Unfortunately, you can’t stop all these bothersome sounds. However, you can reduce the effect of the noise generated by properly selecting and using soundproofing techniques.

Soundproofing Room

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Questions to Ask When Choosing a Soundproofing Products Supplier

Soundproofing has gone from a casual job to an important requirement for homes and businesses. The number of applications that require soundproofing has increased exponentially – restaurants, offices, gymnasiums, theaters, educational buildings, museums, etc. This has led to the growth of many companies providing soundproofing products and services.

However, whenever any sector grows at a fast pace, there are many organizations that focus only on making the sale, rather than providing practical solutions for customer requirements. If you would like to have your establishment soundproofed, you need to work with a soundproofing company which can help you every step of the way. This post will give the information you need to choose the best soundproofing products supplier.

SoundProofing -Product

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Dispelling Myths and Assumptions about Acoustical Foam

Acoustical foam is among many popular products which are used for soundproofing purposes. However this product uses may be misunderstood. There are a lot of possibly wrong assumptions made by customers and the public. In this blog, we’ll try to provide clarity on acoustical foam and its function.

But before we get into that, let us understand:

The Difference between Sound Absorption and Sound Blocking

Many people are under the assumption that these two aspects are one and the same. However, this is far from the truth. There is a distinct difference between sound absorption (Open cell foam) and sound blocking  (Closed cell foam).

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How to Soundproof Your Home Theater Room

If you are a movie fan, there is no doubt that you will want to have a home theater. It lets you have the CineMax experience in the comfort of your home. Surround sound, incredible visuals and more importantly, a pause button. In this way a home theater can be a delight for any AV fan.

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Eco-Quest Air Purifiers – An Optimum Ventilation Solution for Soundproofed Rooms

For any confined space, soundproofing and airflow are two aspects that must go hand in hand. If soundproofing is not planned properly, it can lead to a lack of air and flow within a room. This can be harmful to the owner. Hence, it is important that airflow be taken into consideration when planning to soundproof a room.

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Finally Relax by Eliminating Annoying Noise Out of Your Life

You’ve spent money and countless hours decorating your home into a soothing, tranquil getaway.  Paint colors, candles and beautiful fabrics have been arranged to transform your home into a comforting retreat.  A place where the everyday worries of chaotic life can be forgotten.  Unfortunately, these calming decorative attempts will go unnoticed when there is the addition of unwanted noise.


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Super Soundproofing Solutions for Vehicle Applications


In this application the two principle sound producing items are road noise and engine noise. These are dealt with somewhat differently. However, in most cases the method of absorption is used. The engine compartment usually has pretty good noise blocking capabilities, so lining the compartment inside and out (where practical) will do an excellent job. The hood is a particularly important place to start. Factory material is usually not anywhere near adequate to do an acceptable soundproofing job. The hood must be removed and thoroughly cleaned before applying soundproofing!


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Most Effective and Inexpensive Sound Deadening Material for Industrial Rooms

Most industries that perform several intricate activities including production and manufacturing are unfortunately also a source of high intensity and distracting noises. High level noises generated out of machines and other industrial equipment not only affects the employees’ morale, productivity and concentration but also can badly disturb people living in the vicinity of the facility. Studies have found out that such extreme and high intensity noise increase fatigue, shorten the attention span and can also result in permanent hearing damage. However, by installing appropriate noise control materials at the site, one can considerably reduce the damages caused by this excessive noise.

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Isolate Shock, Noise, and Vibrations by Using Anti Vibration Pads

Vibration pads are one of the most ground-breaking and innovative solutions designed exclusively for substantially reducing irksome noise and vibration. HVAC equipment and many other categories of machineries use them extensively. The pads, which are specially compounded anti-vibration mat, are available in various composite sizes, shapes, and custom designs for a wide range of applications.

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