We are proud to be the first established soundproofing company offering exclusive soundproofing products and services online.  We offer superior and cost effective products for all types of soundproofing needs.  Our technical experts are ready to help you diagnose all your sound control needs and save you time and money by giving you the kind of information and results that you’re looking for!

Our experts will give you clear,  practical and high tech information on how to use state of the art sound reduction acoustical products at no cost to you!

Its Free!

Our goal is to have you completely satisfied with our practical noise control solutions and proven superior soundproofing products.  You will then be able to reduce annoying noises using our acoustic absorption, noise and sound isolation products.

Our MLV (Mass Loaded Vinyl) Premier soundproofing materiel helps create an effective sound barrier and is one of our most popular products.  In the past MLV was only available to acoustical professionals, sound control consultants, and knowledgeable industrial users, until we placed it on the open market  We are confident that we can to accurately diagnose and cost effectively solve all noise reduction situations.

We are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau with a A+ rating and have been in business since 1997 first in the city of Vista and we are now in the city of San Marcos, California.

Directions – We are located 45 miles from San Diego’s center and about half way between Oceanside and Escondido in sunny San Marcos, California on Carmel St, the south frontage road of Hwy 78. (Take the Twin Oaks Valley road exit and turn left onto Carmel).


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If there’s one thing you need the most for soundproofing, it’s acoustical sealant. Walls and ceilings need to be sealed tight like the seams of an aquarium.

New tools we produce make this job a lot easier and more efficient. Would a long reach caulk gun make your job easier?

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