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Posts Tagged ‘Vibrational’

Noise Vibration Pads for machines

Super Soundproofing™ Anti-Vibration Isolation Pads

Reduce impact sound levels with vibration padsTwo types of sound are usually caused by machinery: Airborne sound and Vibration sound.

Soundproofing by vibration isolation:

Used for commercial sound and vibration isolation of machinery.

Some of our pads are high quality elastomeric ribbed neoprene, specially compounded to resist aging, compression set, water and oil. They are constructed with alternate rib heights, cross-ribbed, with a cork center for additional sound isolation. Durometer of these pads is 60 on the “A” scale. (The best).

Maximum loading capacity of each cork center pad: 50 pounds per square inch. Pads may be stacked for increased isolation and capacity. ( A 2″ pad will support 200 lbs).

Pick the size pad for the bearing weight, not the size of the footing! 3″ pads are best for 2X4 sills for wall studding, etc. Put under the studs or space about 2-3 feet apart under the sill depending on wall load. Use the 2″ X 3/8″ pads neoprene without cork as support for your drywall panels edge. Cork center Pads are all approx. 7/8″ thick.

Use rubber furniture cups to keep vibrating, walking, active machinery (like washing machines), on them. Sometimes some construction adhesive, like “Liquid Nails” or “GOOP” is helpful. Need softer pads? See first item below.

SPECIAL: Not available anywhere else:

2″ Soft Pads: $.99 Ea. A soft pad using a combination of foam and MLV. for delicate machinery like turntables, printers, etc. Use for sewing machines, too. (Use 2 stacked for each bearing support for heavy machines).

Pads in stock:2″ X 3/8″ thick ribbed neoprene pads: $1.00 Ea. w/o cork center.

18″ Sq. Pads $32.50 Ea. Ribbed Neoprene (W/O cork).
2″ wide by 18″ long strips: $18.00 (All prices are plus shipping!)
2″ Pads: $1.50 Ea. Cork center
3″ Pads: $3.00 Ea. Cork center
4″ Pads $6.00 Ea Cork center
6″ Pads $9.00 Ea Cork center
12″ Pads $18.00 Ea Cork center
18″ Sq. Pads $38.50 Ea. Cork Center
2″ wide by 18″ long strips: $18.00 (All prices are plus shipping!)

Ribbed Neoprene with Cork CentersIf your exercise machine is very noisy, creating airborne sound like a Fitdesk, or the floor doesn’t have much sound reduction, use a MLV sound barrier: “Floormat” (use the 4’6″ width with foam backing-long enough to go past the ends of your machine a foot or two!). This may be needed in addition to vibration pads.

Large machines such as the new Fitdesk or fluid trainers like Kurt Kinetic may need a floating floor made from panels like these:   23 1/4 x 23 1/4 Floating Floor System           


Anti Vibration Motor Pump

Anti-vibration motor/pump mount.  Taped.

Vibration PadsUse these small “Dimple Pads” pads under each corner for a Treadmill or other exercise machine       Soundproofing anti vibration pads Great for washers/dryers too! (Not for top loaders!)

Set of 4 pads……………………….$19.95

You can cut pads to make different sizes or to double them up for heavier machines. These pads are to be rotated/repositioned to account for wear over time.

Don’t forget the sound isolation tape– it does a good job of padding DWFC, sheetrock wall paneling from studs and sub-floor panels from joists! It can also be used effectively as vibration damping tape for many other purposes.

Other:  Speaker Hangers.

For more anti-vibration solutions, see also the page on soundproofing appliances!

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