1. Carefully analyze your noise situation, before closing up walls and floors.

2. Consider using real sound control windows where needed.

3. Use special low-cost building techniques now to minimize the requirements for expensive soundproofing materials later.

4. If you’re on a budget, at least use sound isolation tape and inexpensive resilient channel for some kind of sound control. (Something is better than nothing). If real results are what you need, use soundclips and some MLV barrier.

5. Keep in mind that some building materials are better than others for sound control.  Low cost brown “Soundboard” from the hardware store is NOT real “SoundBoard”.  Real soundboard is imprinted with the name:  “Sound Deadening Board“. Anyways, it has a minimal effective as a sound control material.

6. Lead lined drywall is available from us!  Or we’ll show you how to make your own!

7. Give some thought to the attic soffits and outside noise reduction.

8. Planning to use plants and trees for a sound fence?  Don’t, It doesn’t work.

9. Take a walking tour of soundproofing a house!

A special note about having a home office.

Look here for some words about putting in wood or tile floors! (You must have some resilience to the floor or the people underneath will hate you!)

What you need to know about insulation, such as cellulose and other types of “Blow-In’s”  (Rock wool is the only common product of this type we know of that has appreciable soundproofing qualities).

New! Cotton fiber insulation provides thermal and sound insulation and it’s a “Green” product!!

If you are a Homeowner:

Often, homeowners think about their basement remodel or the extra space coming with their home addition and they overlook the companion projects that usually ride shotgun with these improvements.  So don’t just think new windows or fixing the roof, but consider the other areas of improvement that are likely to go hand-in-hand with any home project, like sound control and air purification for the add-on, etc.

Books of knowledge that belong on any Builders bookshelf!

Working to Architectural Construction Specification ? Call us! We can help.  Also see:   Soundproof HOUSE

Video:  Why Architects need to Use Their Ears

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