Many Options for noise control via windows

Sound reduction window design is essential for all kinds of soundproofing including traffic noise.

This noise abatement guide will explain your options to reduce sound coming from a noise source such as cars, trucks and heavy traffic, through your windows, as well as other sources, depending on your budget. We consider our MagnaSeal Window System to be the best of all these soundproofing options.

However, lets go on about the options:

Your options for reducing sound through windows, by increasing their noise reduction rating are as follows: (In descending order of effectiveness).

1. Best: Replace the window with a real sound control window with an acoustical rating.
These noise reduction windows, depending on size, counting labor can be very costly to buy and install and offer STC’s in the low 50′s. (We don’t sell these).

2. Install a sound rated Interior Window on the inside frame.
These types of windows are made by noise control professionals and usually installed by them. Also very costly. (We don’t sell these).

3. Install a non-rated hardware store window on the interior frame.

Originally designed for thermal conservation, they have good sound blocking qualities because they trap dead air in the window assembly and can be installed easily by non-professional help. (We don’t sell these either).

4. Install a sound (and light) blocking foam window PlugThe main disadvantage is not passing any light, but does an excellent job of blocking sound if properly installed. Can easily be removed and replaced for light and air. (We do sell these)!

5. Install a hardware store “Home Depot” thermal window with double or triple panes.
Not much better acoustically than a regular window and may pass certain single sound frequencies quite readily. (Probably just the ones you don’t want to hear, like the mower on a Sunday morn). (We don’t sell these).

6. Install a “Lowes” kind of  Storm Window over the outside of the frame. Sound reduction effectiveness varies depending on the thickness, the seal to the frame and the amount of dead air that can be trapped inside the window space. It can cause heat buildup if facing the sun and can trap moisture. (We don’t sell these).

7. Add clear acoustical sound dampening plastic film to the window panes.This can improve the windows sound blocking capability by reducing the ability of the glass to respond to sound vibrations. Typical tinting sheet is too thin to dampen sound energy and cuts light (and the view) our plastic film is clear, won’t quickly yellow and reduces sound by restricting the glass’ ability to vibrate. See-Thru Vinyl Curtain Material (Clear) 4′ wide sheet.

8. Cover the window with sound (and light) blocking noise reduction curtains. Easy to install and can be quite effective for traffic noise and moderate sound levels.  Effectiveness depends on the installation.

Usually the effectiveness of the noise reduction assembly, whatever it is, can be increased by a combination of several of the above methods. Here’s a far better solution:


MagnaSeal Window Systemsound control window

You’ll get the Magnetic Tape and Steel mounting from us. Keep cost low by buying the plastic sheet from your local plastics supplier.