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Magnatite Magnatite (Magnetite) windows block noise

Magnetite ... Your Window SolutionHow It Works

Frequently asked Questions



How it works


Magnetite® windows convert your existing windows into energy efficient, dollar saving double or triple panes in a matter of minutes!

The 100% Acrylic Panel is bordered with magnetic edging. The panel then is connected magnetically to the steel framing placed on the Inside border of your existing window frame to give you an airtight insulating window.

It does not disrupt the look or operation of your existing window. In fact, it is almost invisible to the eye!

There is not a window out there that can’t be improved with Magnetite®!


Do it yourselfThe skills required to install Magnetite® windows are those used by most Do-It-Yourself homeowners.

The following diagram provides a quick summary of the simple installation process. More detailed instructions are included with each kit. 

Step 1

Measure existing window jamb for steel framing. Cut steel frames to size. Use tin snips or hacksaw.

Step 2

Attach steel framing to the inside of existing window jamb with screws (included in kit).

Step 3

Measure both height and width of window for acrylic panel. Acrylic can be purchased cut to exact size at most hardware stores or lumber yards.

Step 4

Attach Magnetite® edging to acrylic panel. Trim to fit with garden pruners.

Step 5

Easily Pop the Magnetite® window in place and enjoy the comfort & savings right away!


We have advanced to the new MagnaSeal version.

Soundproofing Windows

Magnetite ... Your Window Solution

Magnetic Window InsulatorsWhat are Magnetite® Windows?

Magnetite® Windows are constructed of a light-weight and flexible panel which seals magnetically and fits over the inside of your existing windows.

Much higher quality and easier to install then plastic window kits.

See how it works, easy do-it-yourself installation.


How It WorksFrequently asked QuestionsTestimonials

Why Magnetite

  • Energy Savings
  • Makes Your Home More Comfortable
  • Reduces Noise
  • Eliminates Drafts
  • Reduces Condensation
  • Insulates
  • Blocks Harmful UV Rays

Order With Confidence® has been installed in more than 100,000 homes nationwide!


We don’t believe in testimonials unless they can be verified- after seeing so many bogus ones on the web. Page after page of obviously phony – baloney high ratings.

But we have been pestered because we don’t show any. Well, we’ve decided to put up a few of ours. Compare with those of our competitors.



We’ll post more as we have time, or you can post your feelings about us on any of the business review sites like Merchant circle, etc.


A Video from our customer David:

Here’s another one from Yelp.

Here’s some reviews not made public by Yelp:

YELP: 12 Filtered Reviews for Super Soundproofing Co™

Yelp Note: The reviews below are not factored into the business’s overall star rating.  (And are not shown in Public View)

(SSPCO Note:  Some of these, much, much later were actually posted public by Yelp and then removed).

  • 0 friends
  • 1 review
  • Robert C.

San Diego, CA


I went to the company because they had mass loaded vinyl, and I wanted it for my vehicle. On several car forums, this company (via is boasted as a great source of the stuff. Their prices on material are so great that people are willing to buy 115 pound rolls and have it shipped to them all across the western US. They’re fortunately local, so I was able to acquire the material at a very good price!
I went in and talked to Randy. He is a very knowledgeable man in this field and provided me with some very excellent tips to ensure I maximize the efficacy of the product I purchased from him.


  • 4 friends
  • 11 reviews
  • Sal J.

San Diego, CA


Based on the advice and materials that we got at Super Soundproofing™, we closed off our garage door for $450 in soundproofing materials and $150 in lumber and drywall.. Other than the rumbling of huge trucks outside, which is more vibration than noise, we hear nothing: no dogs, no daycare drop offs, no friendly neighbors. And they don’t hear our music. Randy explained exactly how to build the wall in technical construction terms and gave us a schematic.  We also got STC 44 window glass from Wilson Glass in Ramona. We are thrilled, and I think the neighbors are happy, too.


  • 0 friends
  • 3 reviews
  • tristan h.

Los Angeles, CA



I sent them an email on Saturday asking a few questions about soundproofing a window and to my surprise they responded later that day and kept up correspondence with me all weekend until all my questions had been answered. Excellent customer service.


  • 1 friend
  • 7 reviews
  • Janet S.

Fallbrook, CA


This company is Great! They are extremely professional and personable, and we are very pleased with the quality of work that was done by Super Soundproofing Co™.! It’s so wonderful to find a company that is structured by their quality and genuine interest in the work that they do. Reliability and honesty are other assests that cannot be overlooked by the employees of Super Soundproofing Co™.. They’re Awesome!


  • 0 friends
  • 1 review
  • Doug A.

Tucson, AZ


Had a very positive experience with Super Soundproofing™.  While dealing with an annoying, droning fountain pump, I found them on the web as I was late night surfing for a solution.  I found a reply to my inquiry waiting for me the next morning.  After exchanging a few e-mails and pictures with Robby, he made several helpful recommendations and never tried to sell me something I don’t need.


  • 0 friends
  • 2 reviews
  • Naomi S.

Seattle, WA


They were very helpful.  Looking forward to installing the soundproofing materials they recommended and sold to me.


  • 0 friends
  • 1 review
  • Jordan G.

Huntington, IN



I needed to soundproof an air compressor so I e-mailed them for some help and within 2 hours they had e-mailed me back with a rough sketch and a basic idea to get started off on my project…. All for free! What a business.


  • 0 friends
  • 1 review
  • Josh P.

San Diego, CA


I just recently built a free-standing drum room / music studio in my garage with the experts at Super Soundproofing™ with great success. These guys are real pro’s: They really know their craft, as experts do, but also have a passion and excitement about solving your soundproofing problem. Their advice and materials got the job done in my rather constrained budget. I really appreciated their professional soundproofing advice and reception to all of my [naive] questions. In fact, I think I’m a better musician just from all of the insight I’ve gained. I definitely gotta thank Randy, Joel, and the whole professional team at Super Soundproofing™. I’d recommend them for any soundproofing problem.


  • 0 friends
  • 1 review
  • Michael A.

Manhattan, NY


Super Soundproofing™ lived up to it’s name.  I dealt with Randy both on the phone and in person, and he was great.  When it wasn’t clear on the phone whether they’d have a good solution for me, he offered for me to come in and to check out my problem (sound from a medical pump).  When I came in, Randy walked me through every step of creating the perfect solution, from material selection to designing and fabricating–and at an outstanding price.  I’m convinced that I received a better product and service than I would have gotten from any other online or brick-and-mortar store.  Thanks again, Randy!  Michael


  • 0 friends
  • 1 review
  • Bill S.

Carlsbad, CA


This company rocks. This technician there named Randy knows a LOT, and he is very helpful. He really seems to enjoy the science of soundproofing and is very forthcoming with information and help. He recommended a contractor to me that fit my budget and then helped him design it, and then when I needed follow up work done he was there to help no strings attached.

More Filtered Reviews for Super Soundproofing Co™

Note: The reviews below are not factored into the business’s overall star rating.


  • 4 friends
  • 1 review
  • Debbie H.

Twentynine Palms, CA


Really love my soundproof curtains and the help I  received with my doors.


  • 0 friends
  • 1 review
  • Joseph S.

Vancleave, MS


Bill Nash, owner of Super Soundproofing™,  has never been less than stellar in any endeavor I have known him to undertake in life. My dealings with him go back as far as 1975 and I have found him always to be honest, fair and extremely competent.

Read the actual reviews on YELP

GO here to read Yelps policy as to why they will publish negative reviews of our company but not these positive ones!


Yelp does not want positive reviews, they want negative ones: so if you wish to really leave us a good review that will be visible, have something negative to say in it,  Like: “I noticed many dirty cigarette butts on the sidewalk”, or, “I just wish I could have gotten it sooner”!  etc  Try it!





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Air Conditioners- Wall, Pad, Attic













Computers- PC, Racks, Rooms





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Game Rooms





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Music ———Drums Piano Strings

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Rowing Machines

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Safe Rooms

Sewing Machines

Shooting Ranges


Sound Control Booths




Trailers– Home, Semi



Walls 2-party, Office

Washing machines


X-ray Machines

Our Soundproofing Solutions Page!

PORTABLE Sound Isolation Booth DIY



Use for Sound Recording (Voice Over Booths, Vocal Booths, Drum Rooms, etc…), Broadcasting (Radio, TV, Commercials), Practicing musical instruments,  Simultaneous Interpretation,  Audiology, Instruction, Equipment Testing, Karaoke, Machine Noise Containment, Closed Captioning, Etc…

Easily assembled/disassembled.

This sound control Iso Booth has a transmissibility class of 29, far better than sheetrock walls! (Can hear conversation). When installed within another enclosure with good sound blocking such as a room or garage, STC can be over 50! (Can’t hear loud shouting!) Sound isolation booth is one of the best ways to block unwanted sounds easily.

Blocks sound in/out.

The standard Iso Booth inside size: 3’6″‘X4’X6’ high.

Use as a music instrument practice room or a quicky recording studio.

Folds up. Quickly portable. Assemble one, rent to your friends! 

Good place to keep that noisy bird!

Sound Control Iso Booth Assembly Drawing

Materials That Are Customer Supplied For the Home Built Iso Booth: Unit is assembled from 4′ X 8′ panels of “Sound Deadening Board” or plywood from your local builders supply and with our 2″ thick sound absorbing/blocking closed cell foam (Purchased from us) installed inside. (Adding MLV to the outside of your Iso Booth will increase the sound blocking if the edges are carefully fitted and sealed with acoustical caulk).

Assembly: Customer supplied. Hardware store hinges facilitate breakdown and re-assembly.

Electrical/Lighting Supply: Customer Supplied (An extension cord will do).

Ventilation: Customer Supplied. (A fan, if needed).

This soundproof room Iso Booth or sound isolation booth can make voice-overs or instrument practice practical if enclosed within another room with good soundproofing qualities!

Need to block sound down through the floor? Use several layers of MLV under your booth.

This version of the Do-It-Yourself Iso Booth was developed from a smaller version used to quiet pumps, motors and small generators as shown here.

We also supply professional commercial ISO sound isolation booth.  CAll!

If you need a small voice over booth, try here. Also see Tips for Musicians. A mobile sound Studio!

[Buy]  Foam Mat and MLV (Mass Loaded Vinyl).




Our green glue vs the runny thin stuff! Better called “Green Glop”.

THE First Western Region Distributor for Green Glue!

We stock massive quantities of Green Glue and sell it in individual tubes, so you don’t have to buy more than you need! Cases can get a quantity discount.

Green Glue soundproofing materialHigh performance Green Glue is now available in quart cartridges. It can now be applied to drywall or sub-flooring with a standard large size caulk gun for cost effective application.

Green Glue is a Visco-Elastic adhesive used in between sheets of standard drywall, wood product paneling, cement board, and many other building materials to reduce sound transfer.

Third party acoustical tests demonstrated a STC rating of 56 using Green Glue in a standard single stud wall with common drywall. Low Frequency sound isolation was greatly improved over older technologies such as resilient channel.

For existing walls, just apply Green Glue to some new sheets of drywall and stick up on the wall, fasten in a places, tape off and paint or wallpaper!

For bare studding or ceiling joists, apply padding tape before hanging the sheets of wall paneling for even more enhanced sound control!

Easy to use, for small jobs it comes in caulk-type 29 oz. tubes or in buckets for large jobs. A case of 12 covers about 192 Sq. Ft. (A wall 24′ long and 8′ high). Dollar for dollar Green Glue, delivered, the best value in soundproofing.

Green Glue 29 oz. tubes $17.95 at Green Glue $175 per Case at Green Glue by the pail at
$17.95 per 29 oz. tube $175.00 per case Bulk Users – Call!

SOUNDPROOFING APPLIANCES by the Super Soundproofing Co™


Home appliances sometimes create a lot of noise. This happens when we run them, or perhaps when they run themselves. This can be quite annoying.

Let’s soundproof a dishwasher: We’ll do this in a series of steps, each accomplishing a higher level of dishwasher sound reduction. This means we may need full access to all parts of the unit and it makes a difference as to whether it’s a counter model or a stand alone cabinet type.

Step 1) The quickest noise control can be had without full access by just removing the front door cover. This is usually done by taking out 2 screws at the bottom of the door and lifting out the front panel. These panels are made easily removable in order to quickly change the color of the unit to match the kitchen decor.

You will usually find a piece of foam material floating loose about in the space between the inner door and the removed outside panel. It is worthless for our sound control purpose and may be discarded. Measure the depth of the space and cut a piece of “Super Soundproofing” absorbent mat of the same thickness or slightly thinner to fit into this space. Fit it right to the edge of the door, attach securely with contact cement to the inside of the washer, making sure you cover the entire area. Now replace the panel and the screws.

Step 2) Under the door will usually be another, shorter panel held in place in the same way. This will have (maybe) about a 2″ thick fiberglass batting attached to it. Remove and discard this useless material. Cut a piece of 2″ thick “Super Soundproofing ” absorbent mat and glue intro place. (Thin thicknesses of foam can be glued together to make thicker thicknesses). Note that you haven’t blocked any of the cooling vents, just replaced the batting. Put that small cover panel back.

Step 3) Now we need access to the dish washer unit, so pull it out of the counter or remove it’s case so we can drape soundproofing mass loaded vinyl (we call it “Floor mat”) over the unit. Cut a panel of it so that it goes from the floor on one side, up and over the unit to the floor on the other side. Don’t worry about the back of the machine, nor does it need to be attached. Lay it over any insulation that may be on the unit. The material will be in the form of an upside-down “U”. A dab of “Goop” (a household adhesive from the hardware store) here and there will hold it place.

Step 4) Line the dishwasher cabinet or the counter it fits into with 1/2 ” “Super Soundproofing” absorbent mat attached with contact cement to provide an absorbent compartment for the unit to fit into and slide it back into place. Try to make sure the foam covers the entire area, without gaps. Use a thickness appropriate to the space.

Step 5) Check the fit between the unit and it’s cabinet or counter, if it’s more than 1/2″, place a piece of wood molding along the edge with a strip of the soundproofing mat attached to it to provide a tight seal, thereby blocking sound from coming out around the gap of the washer and the counter cabinet.

One might be tempted to wrap the motor with soundproofing as motors might seem to make a lot of noise. But these motors operate near the limit of their ratings and are generally of the open frame variety because of much needed cooling. Thus it is not recommended nor necessary as much of the noise created is from the water washing cycles and we will have dealt with that very well!

Soundproofing a Refrigerator: Lining the alcove it sits in is about the best you can do, as this is usually quite effective in absorbing sound. If you can get under the unit, wrapping the motor (use the floor mat material) will help a lot because the motor and compressor are integral and create most all the noise produced by the unit. If the fridge sits in an area with only a wall or two, consider building more walls around it, (alcove), this will really help for maximum refrigerator sound reduction.

Use the tip in step 5 above to block sound in around the unit, but ignore step 2 above because the unit normally pulls/pushes air through that cover. The floor mat material mentioned above really helps if it is laid on the floor and up the back wall and the fridge placed over it. This seems to prevent sound from passing down into the floor and being radiated out into the room. You may need to place a flat material over the mat to slide the unit back in place as its wheels will tend to bunch the “floormat” because is so heavy.

Soundproofing a washer/dryer: First, place vibration pads under the feet of the appliance. This will reduce vibration passed through to the floor. Several thicknesses may be necessary to provide the proper amount of cushioning, which depends on the weight of the machine. so experiment. Then buy enough Floormat to provide a layer completely under the machine and continuing up the back wall of it’s enclosure. It may be tacked into place to hold it. This will help reduce sound transmitted into the wall and floor.

Note: Stand alone washers/dryers that spin horizontally create lots of vibration and are not recommended for 2nd floor installations! (Whirlpool is the exception).

Soundproofing a exerciser or running machine: Place a layer of Floormat down on the floor where the machine is to be placed. (Foam side down). The material size should be 2-3 times larger than the footprint of the machine to allow for sound coming off the machine that is not directly straight down. (Called “Flanking” Sound Paths).

Next place “Super Soundproofing Anti-Vibration Pads” under the footprint of the machine with the dimples down.

This installation is designed to not only reduce airborne sound of the machine being transmitted through the floor, but to limit the vibration of the unit through the floor for maximum sound reduction.

Call us with the dimensions of footprint the machine and we will help you with ordering the needed materials.

Need appliance parts?

Also try Appliance parts depot! Appliance Parts Depot carries a large inventory of
appliance repair parts for most major brands. Factory authorized parts with one full year warranty. 800 toll free help line available.

Reduce Floor Noise to a whisper with our Line of SSP UnderLayments

buy now

Reduce Floor Noise to a whisper with our line of SSP High Performance Soundproofing Underlayments.

Concerned about reducing impact and acoustical (airborne) sound transmission through hard flooring surfaces?

Eliminating impact and acoustical noise problems between floors in multi-story construction is another sign of a quality installation and a feature that clients, residential and commercial will appreciate. This includes, but is not limited to condominiums, apartments, single family homes, office buildings, RV’s, hotels and schools.

To address these concerns, Super Soundproofing™ offers a line of high performance underlayments that will help reduce floor noise to a whisper. “Super Soundproofing™ offers the installer many benefits with just one product”, notes Super Soundproofings’ General Manager.  And this is one the thinnest sound control products on the market. The line includes:

SSP-TL: for ceramic and natural stone tile
SSP-FL: for engineered hardwood, parquet, and laminate flooring

SSP FL Plus: same qualities as Super Soundproofing™- FL plus protection from subfloor moisture emissions

Installation Video

Super Soundproofing™-TL is a peel-and-stick sheet membrane that reduces impact and airborne sound transmission while isolating finished flooring from subfloor cracks. It is constructed of cross-linked poly-olefin foam sheet combined with an aggressive rubberized adhesive and a polyester mesh fabric. Designed for use with ceramic and natural stone tile, Super Soundproofing™-TL has the flexibility and strength to withstand structural movement and concrete shrinkage cracks up to 1/4″ without transferring stress load to finished tile. It also has superior moisture resistant properties that make it the most comprehensive underlayment product for ceramic and natural stone available. And like its counterparts in the Super Soundproofing™ family, Super Soundproofing™-TL is approved for installation over radiant heated floors.

Super Soundproofing™-FL is a peel-and-stick non-permeable sheet membrane, which reduces impact and airborne sound transmissions and is a moisture/vapor barrier. Designed for use with engineered wood plank, wood parquet and laminate floors, it should be used where sound-control is required, specified, or desired. Super Soundproofing™-FL may be applied to structurally sound and clean surfaces, including: concrete; plywood; precast floor panels; OSB; ceramic tile; terrazzo; natural stone; Portland based leveling and patching compounds; cement backer board; existing VAT; VCT; and fully adhered vinyl floors. Super Soundproofing™ is also approved for installation over radiant heated floors.

Super Soundproofing™- FL’s membrane is tacky on the bottom providing superior adhesion to concrete, steel, and wood substrates. The cross-linked poly-olefin foam top sheet makes an excellent bonding surface for approved wood flooring adhesives and will not dry out or decay with time. It also contains no V.O.C’s and is environmentally safe.

The Super Soundproofing™ FL Plus System not only reduces ambient and impact sound transmission, but also protects wood floors from subfloor moisture emissions that can lead to wood distortion and mold. The Super Soundproofing™ FL Plus Membrane features a 2″ peel-and-stick overlap seaming edge on one side of the sheet that allows for an adhesive-to-adhesive bond between adjoining sheets, creating a monolithic protective membrane across the subfloor.

The Super Soundproofing™ FL Plus System also consists of a Sealer-Primer: a solvent-free, polymer-based moisture emissions reducer and primer. It is designed to seal subfloors that have up to 8 lbs. moisture emissions, reducing the emissions to 3 lbs. or below. The Sealer-Primer also seals porous and dusty surfaces, which improves adhesion spread rates and long-term bond aging. Designed for easy roller application, it forms a tough water resistant film over the substrate surface when applied properly.

The entire Super Soundproofing™ family of high performance underlayments is extremely efficient, economical, and offers ease of application for today’s flooring installation professionals. When sound control, crack suppression, and moisture resistance are your concern, turn to the flooring membrane sound control professionals at Super Soundproofing™.

Compositions and Materials: SSP-FL is constructed of cross-linked poly-olefin foam sheet fused with an aggressive rubberized adhesive. The membrane is tacky on the bottom providing superior adhesion to concrete, steel and wood substrates. The cross-linked poly-olefin foam top sheet makes an excellent bonding surface for approved wood flooring adhesives. Contact us for the approved adhesive list.

SSP-FL contains no V.O.C’s and is environmentally safe. The cross-linked poly-olefin foam and its aggressive rubberized adhesive retain its flexibility throughout the floor’s life span and will not dry out or decay with time.
Size: Available in 36″ x 50′ rolls.

SSP-FL underlayment membrane is designed for sound deadening
under engineered wood plank, wood parquet and laminate floors. It may be applied to structurally sound and clean surfaces including: concrete, plywood, precast floor panels, OSB, Ceramic tile, terrazzo, natural stone, Portland based leveling and patching compounds, cement backer board, existing VAT, VCT and fully adhered vinyl floors. SSP-FL is approved for installation over radiant heated floors.


SSP-FL is not recommended for use on concrete floors where hydrostatic pressure is present or where Moisture Vapor Emissions Rate exceed 4 lbs. SSP-FL cannot maintain the high sound control ratings when used with solid wood plank flooring or any “nail down” only wood floors. Gypsum type patches and levelers are not recommended. Super Soundproofing™ will not accept responsibility for failures related to use of gypsum underlayments or patching compounds. NOTE: Use only approved wood flooring adhesives (Contact us for list). Installation procedures and job site conditions must be in accordance with flooring manufacturer’s recommendations and NWFA installation standards or performance will suffer.

INSTALLATION for Wood Floors

Follow wood flooring manufacturers recommended installation instructions as to fully adhered or floating floor installation

Your wood flooring and SSP-FL membrane must acclimate to job site conditions before installation. Concrete subfloors must be dry, clean and free of dirt, grease, wax, paint, oil or anything that would adversely affect adhesion of the material.

Subfloors must be checked for excessive moisture. If subfloor moisture/
vapor is higher than 4lb. Emissions, SSP-FL membrane cannot be used (see “Limitations”). Subfloors must be flat to 3/16″ in a 10′ radius. Leveling cements must be completely dry before membrane application.

Priming the subfloor: Always apply the Super Soundproofing™ primer to the subfloor and allow to dry (approx 20-30 min.) before installing the SSP-FL to ensure a good bond.

Unroll SSP-FL with the release liner side down. Cut the length approximately 12″ longer than the distance to be covered to allow for a trimmed fit. Fold back half of the length of the roll back over the other half of the material. Score through the release liner only, taking care not to cut completely through membrane. Pull release liner away from membrane where scored. As the release liner is pulled away, hand-smooth the membrane to contact the primed subfloor. Keep the release liner material close to the floor while pulling away, this will allow for a more controlled application of the membrane.

Take note: there will be an immediate and aggressive bond of the membrane to the primed subfloor. Realignment of the membrane can be difficult once adhered to the subfloor. Waterproofing Applications: Installations requiring waterproofing characteristics must have a topical application of liquid anti-fracture and waterproofing membrane at the seams of the SSP-FL. Using a 3/8″ nap paint roller, apply a liberal thickness, 6″ wide layer of the liquid membrane over the seam (3″ of liquid membrane to overlap onto both sides of where the edges of the SSP-FL meet.) Be sure to have the seam completely covered with liquid membrane with no gaps. Allow the liquid membrane to cure fully before installing the wood flooring.

Approved Wood Adhesives: Approved wood flooring adhesives work well. Most latex and acrylic based wood floor adhesives which are compatible with foam sheeting are approved. Contact Super Soundproofing™ for approved adhesive list. Super Soundproofing™ is not liable for failures due to use of unapproved adhesives. (Solvent based adhesives and most urethane adhesives are not compatible with SSP-FL. Some water-based adhesives do not bond sufficiently to the membrane surface.) Spread the approved adhesive onto the adhered membrane in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations for trowel size and open time. Adhesive flash time may be longer when used over SSP-FL than over concrete or wood subfloors due to the membrane’s non-porous construction. Continue to follow wood flooring manufacturer€™s installation recommendations through the remainder of the flooring installation.

Our water based interior primer concentrate.

Our liquid anti-fracture and waterproofing membrane

Technical Data:
Thickness: 1/8″
Color: Tan top, black adhesive bottom
Elongation: 500% minimum (rubberized adhesive only)
Application Temperature: 50° to 85° Fahrenheit
ASTM – E90-97

System Performance:
SSP-FL has been tested by certified independent acoustical laboratories in compliance with ASTM-E492-90 and ASTM-E90-97. Test construction included 3/8″ engineered wood flooring over n 8″ concrete slab with a sound rated gypsum board drop ceiling. Test results were: Impact Insulation Class IIC 72 and Sound Transmission Class STC 71. Test results with other subfloor configurations are available by contacting Super Soundproofing Company™.

Application Standards:
ASTM E492-90 (Rev. 96), “Standard Test Method for Laboratory Measurement of Impact Sound Transmission Through Floor-Ceiling Assemblies using the Tapping Machine” ASTM E90-97, “Standard Test Method for Laboratory Measurement of Airborne Sound Transmission Loss of Building Partitions and Elements.”


Install Video


We can supply the complete line of ProtectoWrap Products as well as other solutions – Call!


AIR CONDITIONER SOUNDPROOFING                                                                            

Things you need to know

There are several types of air conditioners, each presents different problems regarding quieting, but generally most have some things in common.

1)  Older units are more noisy than newer units, mostly because they are near the end of their lives, while newer units are likely inherently quieter.

2)  Compressors make more noise than fans and when near worn out can be very difficult to quiet down. Replacement is the only option.

3)  Fan blades can make a lot of noise if coated with dirt through long use and can become imbalanced, causing bearings to go bad, adding to noise. Cleaning them can not only reduce sound, but add years to their lives.

4)  Sometimes it’s cheaper to replace a whole unit (even if it’s not yours!) than it is to try to remodel against the noise.

Window Units:

These are difficult to quiet and many times it’s not the noise of the unit that’s the problem, it’s the noise that comes in when it’s OFF, because the air flows right through it from outside in and so does the sound of traffic, etc.

If you removed the front vent panel and filter, you can see outside! Therefore, sound has an unimpeded path into the room. Such a condition can be helped by a shield fitted to the outside of the unit, thereby making the airflow and the sound take a right angle path into the air intake of the aircon. Lining the shield with sound absorbing closed cell foam will really help reduce sound coming in. Your local sheet metal shop can make one for you if you give them the dimensions of the unit it to which it is to be fitted.

Pad mounted (Outside) Units:

These types move a lot of air and are usually pretty noisy, even when new. They tend to be large, because they cool (and sometimes heat) large areas. Because the sounds from them are loud and varied, (A combination of compressor and integral fan noise, as well as vibration), trying to soundproof them directly with material on them is usually fruitless and some sort of barrier/fence must be set up.

If it is a roof mounted assembly, make sure there are adequate vibration pads under it to help reduce vibration transmitted into the roof. A noise barrier made of MLV can help reduce noise created and going down through the roof. If mounted on a concrete pad there will not be this kind of problem.

Determine direction of the soundpath that is causing the problem and plan a fence barrier between it and the target of the sound. (A bedroom window, for instance). Build a fence (no gaps in the slats!), at least 8′ high and 6′ wide that goes all the way to the ground as close to the unit as practical and line it with sound absorbent closed cell foam. 1″ thick is a good choice. If the soundpath is angling upwards, add a overhang to your fence to help block the path. If there is more than one soundpath, a fence in the shape of a “V” or even 3 sided like a “U” may be necessary. In some cases a boxed in area may be needed, complete with a roof to contain the sound. Access doors and ventilation will have to be planned for this type of solution. Some hints on how to baffle a noise source is here.

Attic Fans and Air Conditioners:

Some times it’s necessary to “Hang” these units from vibration mounts rather than set them on pads to reduce vibration to an acceptable level. When belts are used to drive the fans, problems can arise due to wear and aging of the assemblies and bearing blocks. Units that are comparatively quiet can become very annoying over time as loose parts begin to sound off. Usually it’s necessary to add sound barrier and vibration absorbing mat around the installation to reduce sound transfer into the structure of the building. This is best done at initial installation rather than later when it will be much more difficult.

Ducts/ducting and air vents.

Ducting needs to be covered with closed cell sound absorbing foam (not open cell foam), for sound and thermal insulation. Metal ducting needs to be physically isolated from the fan shroud or aircon unit with a flexible coupling. Otherwise is will re-radiate sound vibration along it’s length. Fiberglass or flexible ducting usually won’t have this problem, but will lose thermally if not insulated.

Liquid soundproofing can be painted/sprayed on or in the metal ducting for even more sound vibration reduction.

Vents are a problem if the design causes an air noise. To see if this is a problem, temporarily remove one to see if the sound level drops appreciably.

Watch for vents to rooms that have a single common feed up through the wall- (or down through the floor to the ceiling below), if you can peer though the vent into the other side, it means sounds in one room will transfer to the other room.

If you are buying an AirCon, don’t just take the sound ratings the dealer may give for quietness- find out where the different brands/models are installed and go check them out- you will definitely be glad you did!


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