Soundproofing Rooms – Methods Delineated

Are you disturbed with the annoying noise that penetrates to your room from the street nearby? Irritated with the loud noise coming out of your kid’s room when you are involved with some important office work? Unfortunately, you can’t stop all these bothersome sounds. However, you can reduce the effect of the noise generated by properly selecting and using soundproofing techniques.

Soundproofing Room

How to Soundproof a Room?

When you think about soundproofing a room, you must carefully analyze the various parts of a room through which sound waves pass in and out. When you do so, you will understand that it is through the windows, doors and walls the sound waves make their way in. So, let us understand the various soundproofing methods available to block unwanted sound entering into a room through these three sources.

  • Problem 1Soundproofing Doors


  • Replace your doors with MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) doors
  • Use closed cell PVC tape to close gaps or crevices around door edges
  • Use a door sweep seal (Bottom Edge)
  • Use super soundproofing acoustical mat
  • Add a mass loaded curtain
  • Problem 2 – Soundproofing Windows


  • Replace the window with a real sound control window
  • Use a clear pane of plastic sheet over the window opening (MagnaSeal)
  • Install a sound rated interior window over the frame of the existing window
  • Install a window plug
  • Install clear acoustical sound dampening plastic film to your window panes
  • Hang noise reduction curtains
  • Problem 3 – Soundproofing Walls


  • If you have bare studs, use “Sound Clips” and “Hat Channel” or “Resilient Channel to mount your drywall panels
  • Add a layer of “Wonderboard” or “Duroc” inside the existing wall
  • Use “Mass Loaded” sound barrier or absorbent mat over the existing wall
  • Use a combination of the above with a visco-elastic coating to added layers of drywall

Like the aforementioned ones, acoustic soundproofing solutions are many when it comes to soundproof your room’s doors, windows and walls/ceilings. You can choose the right option after considering your budget and amount of sound blockage you would require to live peacefully. You can utilize the right solution to soundproof entire building or a single room. This way you can live a peaceful life, whilst not getting lost in the annoying and distracting sounds around you.


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