Questions to Ask When Choosing a Soundproofing Products Supplier

Soundproofing has gone from a casual job to an important requirement for homes and businesses. The number of applications that require soundproofing has increased exponentially – restaurants, offices, gymnasiums, theaters, educational buildings, museums, etc. This has led to the growth of many companies providing soundproofing products and services.

However, whenever any sector grows at a fast pace, there are many organizations that focus only on making the sale, rather than providing practical solutions for customer requirements. If you would like to have your establishment soundproofed, you need to work with a soundproofing company which can help you every step of the way. This post will give the information you need to choose the best soundproofing products supplier.

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Points to Keep in Mind when Choosing a Soundproofing Company

Before you decide on purchasing sound control materials or services, there are certain questions that you need to put forward:

  • Are They an Established Organization? The older the company, the more the chances that they will provide concrete solutions. A new company may not be necessarily proactive in working with you and caring about your requirements.
  • Are They a Member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB)? The BBB serves as an intermediary between consumers and businesses. Have a BBB membership will allow you to verify the company’s standing in the market.
  • What Kind of Suggestions Do They Offer? When you contact a company, pay attention to the suggestions they offer. Ask them different questions, including:
    • What materials will best suit needs?
    • Are your materials eco-friendly?
    • What is the installation procedure?
    • How long will it take to get and install the materials?

If they are simply agreeing to your every statement and not providing constructive answers, then it would be wiser to look at another organization.

  • Do They Stock their own Material, or are They Drop Shippers? Drop shipping is a supply chain management technique. Drop shippers do not stock the goods. They contact the retailer or manufacturer to send you the products. Choose soundproofing distribution product suppliers who stock the materials in-house. This will ensure that the materials are truly available for pick up or shipment..
  • Do They Sell General or Specialized Materials? Most soundproofing companies create their own specialized materials, which are specifically designed to block out external noise or contain internal sounds. Ensure that the sales representative provides detailed information regarding the materials that the company utilizes. Do not take the services of a company that provides general or inferior materials such as:
    • Neoprene (a lesser alternative to vinyl)
    • Rubber expanded foam (used for floormat)
    • Open cell “Acoustical” foam (sometimes a flammable material) for “soundproofing”
  • Do They Provide Material Specifications? Ask your provider to supply Materials Safety Data sheets (MSDS). This will help you understand the products and their specifications and how they can be useful. Companies that can provide these sheets are the genuine deal.
  • How much do they Charge in terms of Expenses? The amount of money that a company charges can be a great way for you to establish its credibility. Beware of companies that offer the following:
    • Exorbitant shipping charges
    • Extra charges for credit cards
    • Low charges followed by an order processing fee
    • “Drop Shipping” not to minimize shipping costs. (They don’t stock it).

Asking these various questions can help you verify the quality of a company. If the organization is providing proper facts and figures for all the above mentioned points, then rest assured that you have found a trustworthy soundproofing products supplier.

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