Finally Relax by Eliminating Annoying Noise Out of Your Life

You’ve spent money and countless hours decorating your home into a soothing, tranquil getaway.  Paint colors, candles and beautiful fabrics have been arranged to transform your home into a comforting retreat.  A place where the everyday worries of chaotic life can be forgotten.  Unfortunately, these calming decorative attempts will go unnoticed when there is the addition of unwanted noise.


Have you been losing sleep over monotonous traffic noises or had your day (or night) interrupted by a boisterous neighbor?  It may be time to look past decorations and invest in something that will make your home a place of consistent relaxation and increase its value tremendously.  Soundproofing a home during construction or as a remodel may be exactly what you need to finally kick back and truly let your senses unwind.


There are multiple avenues to take when soundproofing a home.  First, it is important to know what kind of noise you are trying to eliminate and target it specifically.  For instance, traffic noise solutions may be as simple as soundproofing your home windows.  Options include replacing the windows with vinyl framed “double/triple paned” glass acoustical windows or adding an additional “secondary” window on the inside frame of your existing window.  Extreme cases of noise may mean placing a sound barrier inside the frame.

For further success in soundproofing, special products can be added to walls, ceilings and floors.  Sound control foams, Mass Loaded Vinyl sound barriers and acoustical absorbing foams are some ways to lessen outside noise.

Planning on building or adding onto your home?  Is the baby’s room being built next to the home theater; a bedroom being constructed over a kitchen?  Tackling this issue before construction can make the job easier and much less expensive.

Consulting a soundproofing specialist will help direct your efforts down the right path.  Professionals in the field are able to make decisions based on each individual situation and formulate a plan that will be most effective for the type and level of sound control desired.  If you need to know how to use soundproofing in your home and get advice on a specific situation, call Super Soundproofing at 760-752-3030 or visit them online at