Cost Effective and Easy-to-install Acoustical Soundproofing Curtains for your Home

Is your house located on a busy city street where lots of traffic and noise disturbs and invades your privacy? Are you in search for a cost effective and easy-to-install product to enhance the acoustics of your room? If then, acoustical soundproofing curtains are the best and most effective solution. The product, which is made of soundproof materials, is available in various shapes and sizes as per the requirements of customers.

Acoustical soundproofing curtains are thicker than regular curtains and can be easily hung vertically along walls and adjacent to windows. The product comprises heavy panels within the curtain, which are designed to absorb and dampen sound.

soundproofing curtain

Soundproof curtains are widely known in several different names, some of them are:

  • Soundproof Drapes
  • Soundproof Blankets
  • Blackout Drapes
  • Acoustic Curtains
  • Sound Screens
  • Sound Blankets
  • Acoustic Barriers
  • Acoustic Drapes
  • Acoustic Screens

How to Buy Acoustical Soundproofing Curtains for your Home.

You should consider some points before selecting soundproofing curtains for your home. They are:

  • Do a thorough check of the entire house and find out the wall or window that allows the most sound waves and noise into the room. You should hang the curtain at such vulnerable locations for ensuring a peaceful and quiet living.
  • Measure the size and width of the space where you want to hang the soundproofing curtains. Measuring the space using a tape is crucial to purchase a curtain with perfect size to cover the entire area completely.
  • Plan on purchasing wider than the area to be covered by at least one third as they must have a good accordion fold to be most effective. If covering a window for noise attenuation, the product should pass over the window by one foot on either side to prevent sound leaks.
  • While buying acoustical soundproofing curtains for your home, make sure that the thickness of the curtain is at least two to three inches. Soundproofing curtains will be heavier than the normal curtains in order to act as an effective barrier against irritating noise.
  • Even though, a soundproofing curtain looks like a decorative curtain. The inside of the curtain consists of a “loaded vinyl” material. This loaded vinyl material is responsible for blocking the sound waves. While selecting curtain for your home, make sure that the vinyl material is made from superior grade vinyl that includes silica sand, not “shower curtain vinyl”.
  • While purchasing soundproofing acoustic curtains, remember to select rods and other hardware that helps in supporting the curtains. Since these curtains are heavier than normal curtains, rods for normal curtains will not be strong enough for them.

You can choose several other products like fabric panels, vinyl drywall and double window panes to be used with your soundproofing curtains to enhance their performance. Thus you can block 90% of noise coming in or out of your room and ensure peaceful and calm living conditions.