Resilient Channels – An Effective Soundproofing Method

In today’s real estate construction industry, homes are constructed using a variety of materials. When it comes to walls and floor-ceilings the material includes sheetrock, drywall and plasterboard. Generally these materials are installed to both sides of a metal or wooden frame. While these may be standard materials and components, they are one of the primary reasons behind noise pollution within homes.

Resilient Channels

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Finally Relax by Eliminating Annoying Noise Out of Your Life

You’ve spent money and countless hours decorating your home into a soothing, tranquil getaway.  Paint colors, candles and beautiful fabrics have been arranged to transform your home into a comforting retreat.  A place where the everyday worries of chaotic life can be forgotten.  Unfortunately, these calming decorative attempts will go unnoticed when there is the addition of unwanted noise.


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